Valleywide Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp Braves the Arizona Heat

If you can’t beat it, learn to love it. Ultimate Body Boot Camp continues their challenging co-ed programs outside.

Phoenix, AZ, June 18, 2008 --( Ultimate Body Boot Camp, LLC is a creative and co-ed fitness program designed to give you maximum results. UBBC combines cardiovascular exercise with resistance training for an entertaining, motivating, group, outdoor workout. These workouts will continue through the summer, offering outdoor AM classes M, W, F 5:30-6:30 AM and an indoor PM camp in North Scottsdale M, T, Th 6-7 PM.

“Our mission is to get you results fast and educate you so that you have a lasting transformation,” says Richelle Melde, owner of UBBC. “We will put you through a challenging workout that is focused on increasing your strength, endurance, flexibility and balance, all the while keeping your heart rate elevated and muscles confused to maximize your potential.” The functional training strategies that UBBC incorporates helps to build a stronger, healthier, more fit you in less time than traditional exercise programs. They incorporate the use of dumbbells, resistance bands, medicine balls, jump ropes, hurdles, ladders and more to offer an hour long workout that will leave you feeling empowered, strong and motivated for more. By using such dynamic techniques, the body is constantly challenged, confusing the muscle groups. This will prevent an all too common phenomenon of plateauing. When you reach a plateau in your fitness, it means that you need to seriously change your workout. Your body has become adjusted to the workouts, and with great ease, will complete them. Muscle confusion allows for more dramatic and faster results because it makes the body work harder, burning calories by building muscle throughout the day. Ultimate Body Boot Camp offers some of the best, varied workouts in the Valley.

Ultimate Body Boot Camp encourage all ages and sizes. Their coaching staff is a group of experts and will offer you the personal attention you require to achieve your goals. They will access your individual needs, including body composition analysis, and get you on your way to achieving your ultimate body.

Group fitness provides an encouraging, supportive atmosphere that keeps you accountable to show up and push it. And because their camps are co-ed, both men and women are invited to participate. This means that many couples can workout together and research has proven that the support of a partner is critical with any transformation.

So grab a friend, a parent, a boyfriend, heck - a complete stranger - and join Ultimate Body Boot Camp. The workouts are so fun and fast paced that you won’t even believe that an hour has passed. Don't just get results - get ultimate results. Ask about their Free day trials so you can see for yourself how Ultimate Body Boot Camp can work for you.

For more information about Ultimate Body Boot Camp, LLC, please visit or call 602-635-6175.

Ultimate Body Boot Camp, LLC
Richelle Melde