Panva Technology Revolutionizes Telemedicine with AI-Powered Clinical Note Assistance

In the fast-evolving landscape of healthcare, video-based telemedicine has emerged as a transformative force, enhancing patient experiences and expanding the reach of healthcare providers beyond traditional office settings. However, with the surge in telehealth visits, a pressing challenge has emerged: the efficient documentation of patient encounters. Addressing this concern, Panva Technology proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking AI-powered clinical note assistance eMDNotes.

New York, NY, March 09, 2024 --( Telemedicine and virtual visits have revolutionized the healthcare industry, breaking down geographical barriers and allowing patients to connect with their healthcare providers remotely. The adoption of telehealth services has not only improved accessibility for patients but has also enabled providers to see significantly more patients than they could in traditional in-office settings.

The Documentation Dilemma
While video based telemedicine has streamlined patient-provider interactions, the documentation process remains a significant bottleneck. The need to record and document care, provide accurate CPT/ICD codes for billing, and adhere to standard practice protocols poses a considerable challenge for healthcare professionals. With the influx of patients, the time-consuming nature of documentation threatens to divert healthcare providers from their primary focus on patient care.

Panva Technology's Solution: eMDNotes
Panva Technology addresses the documentation dilemma with the introduction of eMDNotes, an innovative AI-powered engine that leverages a combination of generative AI and machine learning to assist healthcare providers at every stage of the telemedicine process.

Real-time Transcription During Telemedicine Calls:
eMDNotes records and transcribes telemedicine calls in real-time, capturing the nuances of patient-provider conversations seamlessly.

Conversion to Meaningful Clinical Reports:
The AI engine converts transcribed calls into meaningful and organized scripts for physicians to review. This transformation from conversational content to structured reports streamlines the documentation process.

SOAP Format and Code Suggestions:
eMDNotes offers pre-defined SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) formats for doctors to review. Additionally, the system provides suggested ICD and CPT codes for billing, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the documentation process.

Seamless Integration with Medical Billing Software:
Upon approval from the healthcare provider, eMDNotes seamlessly pushes the finalized documentation files to medical billing software. This integration facilitates the swift initiation of billing processes, allowing billers to generate CMS 1500 forms efficiently.

Designed for Busy Healthcare Professionals
eMDNotes is uniquely designed for busy healthcare professionals who aim to allocate more time to patient care rather than spending hours in front of a computer for transcription and note-taking tasks. The technology empowers providers to focus on what matters most – delivering quality healthcare to their patients.

For a detailed demonstration of Panva Technology's eMDNotes, visit or email to schedule a quick demo. Join the revolution in telemedicine documentation and experience the future of efficient, AI-powered clinical note assistance.

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