Galley Eco Capital Joins the Business Council on Climate Change, Business Partnership Takes Action to Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

Galley Eco Capital has become the latest Bay Area Company to join the Business Council on Climate Change (BC3), a partnership of San Francisco Bay Area businesses committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and advancing corporate environmental leadership.

San Francisco, CA, June 19, 2008 --( Galley Eco Capital has a history of taking action to protect the environment. They now join a list over 82 BC3 member companies dedicated to taking action to address global climate change, while maintaining a competitive bottom line. “Participating in the BC3 is a natural step in our commitment to both grow our business and be environmentally responsible” says Lisa Michelle Galley. “We are excited to work with other members of the BC3 to develop innovative, profitable business approaches that also directly address the growing threat of climate change.”

The BC3, a collaborative partnership with the Bay Area Council, the San Francisco Department of the Environment and the United Nations Global Compact, is poised to make the San Francisco Bay Area a model of commercial climate stewardship by inspiring leadership on the pressing issue of climate change, and giving business leaders the tools to reduce their GHG emissions. The BC3 recognizes that the business community has the power to significantly impact climate change, and it functions as an avenue for communication between companies that have stepped up to the plate to address this challenge. The BC3 seeks to inspire others to do the same, and to build a business movement for climate stewardship.

“The Bay Area has always been an engine of business innovation and growth combined with social responsibility and companies like Galley Eco Capital are a reflection of that environment and culture” said Andrew Michael, Bay Area Council Vice President of Sustainable Development. “They and other visionary BC3 members are proving that the protection of the environment is clearly aligned with the protection of profits and market share.”

The BC3 is built around five “Principles on Climate Leadership” which relate to the areas of: Internal Implementation, Community Leadership, Advocacy & Dialogue, Collective Action, and Transparency & Disclosure. These principles are founded on the belief that private business can shift practices to realize economic growth while maintaining environmental sustainability.

“The addition of new members gives us a great opportunity to redefine how business is conducted in the Bay Area,” says Jared Blumenfeld, Director of the San Francisco Department of the Environment, “and to show that we can surpass the status quo.”

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