Global Climate Change Foundation - GCCF First Climate Smart Slogan Competition 2024

Ashulia, Bangladesh, April 08, 2024 --( The First CSSC - Climate Smart Slogan Competition 2024 was launched by the Global Climate Change Foundation (GCCF) on March 15, 2024. The primary targets of this event are extremely clear: GCCF wants to concern each other about weak environmental calamities. Around 70% of climatologists accept that the environment is changing due to man-made issues. This event will create an opportunity for eight billion people to understand behavioral facts about the global crisis, especially climate change.

By partaking in this competition applicants will be ready to get together with GCCF to contribute their best to adjust and alleviate the environmental emergency. Candidates will deliver their slogans through a video briefing about their own region's climate crisis and Innovative solutions. GCCF will reward certificates for the best innovators. GCCF will grant endorsement to Top Ten Finalists and they will achieve permanent membership of GCCF. Applicants can send videos to their official Email ( and WhatsApp accounts ( 801862862976).

GCCF Journey in Climate Change: The Global Climate Change Foundation (GCCF) is an international organization founded in 2019. GCCF Works for adaptation and mitigation of climate crises all over the world. The Global Climate Change Foundation (GCCF) is legally registered under the Cameroon and France governments as well. Cameroon Reg. No. 20 RDA/C17/SP and France Reg. No. W952014713 .GCCF Mission: Organizing local and global leaders to be more effective climate action advocates inside their creative context as well as at the state, national, and worldwide levels will assist in solving the climate catastrophe.

GCCF Action: Green Building, Tree plantation in Industrial zones for neutralization of carbon emission, Climate strike for increasing social awareness about occurred & upcoming vulnerable climate disasters, clean water and Sanitations, school afforestation, international conference, virtual summit, campaigning, scientific journal presentation by explaining climate crisis & innovative solution through conference; GCCF successfully implanted projects last four years. Eco-world industrialization and eco-friendly energy Transformation like renewable energy and solar energy, hydropower generation, waste management, waste to gold, etc. are a framework for sustainable development, social & global progress, and employment. GCCF not only talks but also delivers.

GCCF main focus is cutting greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible, with any remaining emissions reabsorbed from the atmosphere, by oceans and forests, for instance. reducing its emissions of climate-warming greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, and also removing excess carbon from the atmosphere to avert irreversible damage to Earth’s life-support systems. This will necessitate a swift and extensive switch to clean and renewable energy sources. In addition to focusing on climatic factors, GCCF also works to increase employment possibilities. As a result, the global economy has become stronger and has more healthy people in it, and the GDP growth has changed significantly.

Currently, GCCF is made up of 240 country coordinators and 1000+ international delegates from 167 countries. Their implemented projects are 260k+ tree plantations, 100+ climate strikes, 150+ school afforestation events, 18 International Climate Summits, green building, sanitation, etc. It has collaborated with 148 organizations, of which 115 are accredited by the United Nations. Most recently, GCCF formed a seven-member executive committee across four continents: the Asia continent, the North American continent, the Europe continent, and the African continent.

GCCF Climate Change Resilience Experts are dedicated to working on environmental and social issues and have amassed professional experience globally in the public and nonprofit sectors. They are a social enterprise. GCCF gained specialized knowledge by studying some of the most renowned climate scientists, campaigners, and stakeholders worldwide. GCCF is dedicated to utilizing this knowledge to help people and communities all across the world adapt to the challenges of climate change.

By changing people's behavior, they can make our planet habitable.
Global Climate Change Foundation( GCCF )
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