Notarized.com Takes Proactive Steps to Combat Property Fraud Through Education and Prevention

Notarized.com Takes Proactive Steps to Combat Property Fraud Through Education and Prevention
Reno, NV, April 05, 2024 --(PR.com)-- Notarized.com, a leading platform for notary services, is proud to announce its commitment to educating customers on the dangers of one of the fastest-growing crimes in America: property fraud. Partnering with EquityProtect, a pioneer in innovative title fraud prevention technologies, Notarized.com empowers property owners and real estate professionals to assess transaction risks and implement preventive measures effectively.

"Property fraud poses a significant threat to property owners and real estate professionals across the nation," said CEO Omar Kubba at Notarized.com. "Through our partnership with EquityProtect, we are arming our customers with the tools and knowledge they need to safeguard their investments and prevent fraudulent activities."

Key highlights of Notarized.com's initiative include:

· EquityProtect's Risk Assessment Tool: Leveraging EquityProtect's advanced risk assessment tool, property owners and real estate professionals can evaluate each transaction against potential crime risks and proactively prevent fraud.

· Detailed Reports for Notaries: Notarized.com will provide detailed reports for each signing, ensuring notaries are equipped with awareness, education, and customized suggestions to identify potential red flags in transactions.

· Comprehensive Risk Assessment: Utilizing EquityProtect’s comprehensive approach of analyzing chains of title, length of ownership, frequency of ownership changes, type of ownership, and other factors to assess the transaction risk accurately.

· Real-Time Monitoring: Monitoring local, state, and federal involuntary liens, as well as recent changes in mailing addresses, property types, occupancy statuses, and more, to identify potential threats of fraudulent activity.

· Personalized Evaluation: Delivering individual risk scores for each property owner, balancing static and dynamic risk values to provide accurate assessments.

· Dark Web Monitoring: Utilizing real-time dark web sources to identify compromised data such as email addresses, passwords, property records, and financial targets, enhancing fraud detection capabilities and protection offerings.

"Notarized.com is dedicated to empowering our customers with the knowledge and resources needed to combat property fraud," continued Mr. Kubba. "By sharing critical information and implementing preventive measures, we can collectively work towards a safer and more secure real estate environment."

For more information about Notarized.com's efforts to combat property fraud and its partnership with EquityProtect, please contact Notarized.com at 800.885.SIGN or email at support@notarized.com.

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About EquityProtect: EquityProtect is a trusted provider of risk assessment tools and technologies dedicated to helping individuals and organizations identify and prevent fraudulent activities in real estate transactions. For more information regarding EquityProtect, visit EquityProtect.com.
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