FileMaker® Integration with QuickBooks® in as Little as an Hour

SolutionMakers, Inc. Announces the Launch of 123sync™.

Woodinville, WA, June 19, 2008 --( One of the most daunting tasks of any business is managing the exchange of critical information between business management tools and accounting software. Solution development is typically a lengthy, expensive process. However for users who couple Intuit’s industry leading QuickBooks accounting software with FileMaker productivity tools, Seattle-based SolutionMakers, Inc. intends to change all that. On June 23rd, SolutionMakers® will launch 123sync™, a solution that utilizes the FileMaker database environment to manage data integration with QuickBooks.

The SolutionMakers team develops QuickBooks integration solutions on a regular basis. Each project requires the execution of many comparable tasks, such as troubleshooting XML, formatting data, adding QuickBooks specific fields, and parsing QuickBooks errors. Eventually, tools developed to perform these tasks evolved and merged, leading to the decision to make this functionality available to the FileMaker community in one dynamic product – 123sync.

123sync requires no XML and consists of two files: one for integration and one for data transmission to QuickBooks. The integration file includes a dashboard and utility scripts and is completely open for modification to suit business’ needs. The data transmission file, which is protected, is used for synchronizing data with QuickBooks. Together they reduce the time spent on accounting integration from weeks down to as little as an hour. 123sync will be the only middleware application on the FileMaker market. When compared with the plug-in options currently available, it can save companies thousands on development costs. (Conservative benchmark tests show that 123sync should provide integration savings of $900 to $3000, or higher for more robust solutions.)

On June 23rd,123sync will be available for download from the web site starting at $599 per license. Each license can be associated with one QuickBooks company file. There is no per user fee. Through July 18th, SolutionMakers will offer 123sync at a discounted rate leading up to their official 123sync rollout at the FileMaker Developer Conference July 13th though 17th in Phoenix, Arizona. During the rollout period, purchasers will receive $30 off the retail price. FileMaker Professional Users Group (FMPug) members and FileMaker TechNet members will save an additional $20 bringing the full discount to $50 off the retail price.

Headquartered in Seattle, WA, SolutionMakers, Inc. offers integrated business management solutions and FileMaker Authorized Training. Since 1995, their goal remains to transform technology into tools that their clients can use to grow and manage their business. These tools include solutions for project management, financial reporting, cost administration, scheduling, marketing program and promotions management, and other critical business management tools. SolutionMakers’ easily accessible customer service sets them apart in the industry. Best of all, whether you run your business on Windows, Macintosh or mixed platform networks their solutions are 100% cross platform compatible.

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