The 5th Anniversary of Digital Wellness Day Celebrated Globally on May 3, 2024

Celebrating its fifth anniversary on May 3, 2024, Digital Wellness Day invites global participation in fostering technology usage and digital balance. The event has impacted 10 million people in 64 countries and features a robust network of over 500 educators and partners facilitating virtual and in-person events and resources - access free educational resources at, including a new workplace toolkit. Join the movement towards healthier digital habits.

The 5th Anniversary of Digital Wellness Day Celebrated Globally on May 3, 2024
New York, NY, April 30, 2024 --( The Digital Wellness Institute proudly announces the fifth annual Digital Wellness Day, to be held on May 3, 2024. With viral growth, its impact has soared to over 10 million people across 64 countries. This year's event is poised to draw even greater global engagement with virtual and in-person gatherings and educational posts. Global Impact Partners of Digital Wellness Day range from The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group to The Social Dilemma, Freedom, JOMO, Inqli, Daily Haloha and more.

The mission of Digital Wellness Day is to provide free, research-based resources to support wellbeing in the digital era. This year's theme, "Digital Balance," reflects the ongoing commitment to helping individuals and organizations achieve a harmonious relationship with technology. The day reminds us to reevaluate our digital interactions to foster well-being in various domains, such as mental health, productivity, and workplace wellness.

On Digital Wellness Day, an extensive network of over 500 Digital Wellness Educators, impact partners, and sponsors is expected to activate events worldwide. A free year-round educational toolkit provides valuable resources for mobilizing educational activities and workplace and community events.

Last year marked significant milestones with the introduction of the first Certified Digitally Well University™ and Digitally Balanced Workplace™ on Digital Wellness Day. This year, companies can be nominated as Digitally Balanced Workplaces through a partnership with Fast Company, demonstrating their leadership in adopting positive digital practices. Further details are available at the Digital Wellness Institute.

"This day is about empowering everyone to critically assess and improve their digital habits. It's an opportunity to use technology to enhance, rather than deplete, our lives. We're excited to further this mission, promoting a culture where mindful technology use and digital healthcare are a priority." - Nina Hersher, Executive Director of Digital Wellness Day

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