Driving Change Through Education: Founder of PARENTNashik, Mentor at Startup India Shreekant Patil Champions Entrepreneurial Mindset in HEIs

Renowned entrepreneur & business consultant, Shreekant Patil, is leading a global initiative to transform educational policies by integrating entrepreneurship into academic curricula. By collaborating with educational institutions & policymakers, he aims to empower students with the skills & knowledge needed to navigate the challenges of the modern business world. Through his efforts, he envisions a future where every student has the opportunity to innovate and drive positive change in society.

Nashik, India, April 23, 2024 --(PR.com)-- Renowned for his unparalleled expertise in entrepreneurship and business consultancy, Shreekant Patil is leading a global movement to revolutionize educational policies across borders. With a fervent belief in the power of entrepreneurial education to shape the mindset of students, CE. Shreekant Patil is dedicated to creating ecosystems within High Education Institutions (HEIs) that empower individuals to drive change through entrepreneurship.

Recognizing the pivotal role of education in fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, CE. Shreekant Patil is actively engaging with policymakers and stakeholders in various countries to promote the incorporation of entrepreneurship into academic curricula. By advocating for the integration of entrepreneurial principles at HEIs, Mr. Patil aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape.

Through his collaborative efforts with educational institutions and government bodies, CE. Shreekant Patil seeks to instill a culture of innovation and creativity among students, laying the foundation for a future generation of dynamic entrepreneurs. By championing educational reforms that prioritize entrepreneurship, he envisions a world where every student has the opportunity to explore their potential and catalyze positive change in society.

CE. Shreekant Patil’s vision for transforming educational policies and creating a supportive ecosystem within HEIs resonates with his unwavering commitment to empowering individuals to think innovatively and act entrepreneurially. With a focus on nurturing entrepreneurial mindsets and providing students with the tools for success, Mr. Patil continues to be a driving force in shaping the future of education worldwide.

CE Shreekant Patil recently guided students from Africa, offering advice on establishing businesses, managing supply chains, fundraising, entrepreneurship, partnerships, joint ventures, export systems, and many other topics.

Shreekant Patil is Founder of Startup - PARENTNashik, Exporter, Chartered Engineer, Valuer, (P &M), Trainer, Assessor at NSDC ( Govt), Counselor at NCS, Consultant — Advisor at UN, European Union, Asian Development Bank, African Bank, Euro Exim Bank, Sidbi, Professor of Practice at UGC, Governing Body member at various international Chamber of Commerce., Advisory board member at IIC, IQAC, E-Cell at various university & Colleges, Mentor at Startup India, Meity Startup Hub, BIRAC, E-Cell IIT Bombay, and various foundation incubation center in India and other countries like USA, Europe, Middle East & Asia.
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