SOLOSHOW Launches Mission to Upend the Art World & Foster the Industry's Next Big Names

SOLOSHOW, the trailblazing new artist accelerator, is resetting Art Industry standards, by empowering artists to break the elitist exclusionary barriers that smother the voices of some of the most profound & creative minds of our time before they can even be heard. SOLOSHOW recently opened its Laguna Beach gallery+community space, marking the launch of "stage one" of its mission to launch creatives' careers & become the go-to source where collectors, curators, & critics find the next big thing.

Laguna Beach, CA, April 26, 2024 --( SOLOSHOW–the artist accelerator on a mission to subvert the art world’s broken business model–officially launched in March with the opening of its Laguna Beach gallery and community space. The physical location is just the first stage in the startup’s multilayer mission to empower artists and become a trusted industry source for collectors to discover tomorrow’s creative changemakers.

“The current way of operating in the art world is fraught with problems,” says SOLOSHOW founder and artist, Ireen Brock. “It prohibits promising artists from gaining the exposure needed to become a household name in art, simply because they don’t have inside connections to the industry's gatekeepers. Emerging and established artists are often exploited at all turns–being asked to pay outrageous fees for gallery placement, fund artists 'prizes' or mediocre art fair exhibitions so galleries can maintain a presence, or have their work discounted and devalued in order to make a sale. And that’s if they get that far!,” says Brock. “ Often they’re just dismissed. At SOLOSHOW, we want to solve those problems – and more – by clearing the way for shining talent who would otherwise be excluded by the current model. We aim to expand the talent pool and establish a trusting environment for our artists while also becoming the go-to source for collectors to immerse themselves in the art scene through education, access, and fair and transparent pricing.”

SOLOSHOW’s first group show is on display at the Laguna Beach gallery and community space until mid-June. It features the works of eight artists at various stages of their careers, including Chris Justice, Michael MacDonald, Elaine Cohen, Nik Alye, Tara Johnson, Irina Tehrani, Britt Fabello, and Alice Tomlinson. The gallery will transition to a second group show mid-June featuring a newly curated selection of artists and will host a solo exhibition in mid-August showcasing the work of a single rising artist who SOLOSHOW believes has the power to break through the noise. The exhibition cadence will cycle back and forth between the emerging and rising artists' structures in perpetuity.

Unlike other galleries, SOLOSHOW encourages all artists to submit their work for exhibition consideration without worry of judgment or intimidation. Artists can submit their portfolios directly through the submission form found on the gallery’s website,

SOLOSHOW aims to be a home for the exchange of creative ideas and intentionally encourages the community to interact and create within the gallery walls. To foster this environment, SOLOSHOW will offer events and live classes in the space, taught by local experts. One-off classes and in-depth workshops will range from technical art skills (tailored to varying skill levels) to managing the business sides of a creative career, to art history, and even how to break into art collecting. Class and event schedules are available now at

SOLOSHOW is currently seeking qualified artists and instructors who are experts in their respective field(s) to collectively build a curriculum and teach classes/workshops that will develop budding creatives’ skill sets at a mere fraction of the cost of art or business school. Those interested can contact the gallery directly at

SOLOSHOW gallery and community space is located at 244 S Coast Highway, in Laguna Beach and is open daily.

With an urban-contemporary lens, SOLOSHOW is curating tomorrow’s next big names and bringing them to the forefront of today’s conversation, all while supporting the local community and emerging talent through all aspects of their creative journeys.

“We want to combat the idea of the ‘starving’ artist,” says Brock. “At SOLOSHOW, we’re providing pathways for artists to make a living wage while pursuing their creative passions. With fairer terms, engaged representation, 1:1 counseling, and a plethora of resources, SOLOSHOW is empowering artists to take their creative careers into their own hands.”

About Ireen Brock (Founder)
Ireen Brock is on a mission to become a change agent within the art world. Pulling from her many past lives–including being an artist, state trooper, lawyer, startup professional, and a strategy/operations expert at Virgin Group and NIKE–Ireen is applying her varied expertise and learnings to build SOLOSHOW as a multi-faceted creative startup. After experiencing many of the challenges of the art world firsthand–both as an artist and collector – Ireen quickly realized that her background lends itself perfectly to assume the role of protector, advocate, problem solver, and executor of a diverse company with many layers aimed at supporting both artists and collectors.

About Kate Badura (Head of Marketing)
Kate’s early passion for the performing and fine arts naturally drew her to the Music, Film, and Fashion worlds, inspiring a career-long crusade to protect and empower creatives. With a natural penchant for branding and marketing, she launched new product lines and collections for such global brands as Moncler, Tom Ford, and Balenciaga. In the Entertainment world, Kate made her mark as an attorney, marketer, and artist manager for indie record labels, music fests (e,g. Vans’ Warped Tour), and entertainment law firms. Working primarily with independent artists, she sensed the traditional Industry dynamics begin to shift, inspiring her to define and publish the "New Renaissance” for independent music artists. Kate believes it’s now time to activate that same shift in the world of visual arts and is committed to putting the power back into the hands of artists.
Kate Badura