Commercial Capital Connect Unveils $25M Financing for Home Health Care & Hospice Agencies Nationwide - Revolving Credit Lines & Term Loans Up to $750K

Commercial Capital Connect launched a $25M financing program for U.S. home health and hospice agencies, offering revolving credit lines up to $750K per location and term loans up to $750K. The funds support working capital, growth, cash flow gaps, and more. While time in business and credit are factors, the company takes a personalized approach, willing to consider agencies with just 6 months' operating history and 600+ personal credit scores.

Douglasville, GA, April 25, 2024 --( Commercial Capital Connect, a leading marketplace for commercial finance solutions, today announced the launch of a $25 million financing program to provide revolving lines of credit and term loans to home health care and hospice agencies across the United States.

The program makes available revolving lines of credit up to $750,000 per location and term loans up to $750,000 per location to help agencies meet their working capital needs, invest in growth initiatives, manage cash flow gaps, and more.

"The home health care and hospice sectors play a vital role in our communities, providing essential services that enable people to receive quality care in the comfort of their homes," said Cheryl Tibbs, President of Commercial Capital Connect. "With our new financing program, we aim to become a valuable partner to these providers by offering flexible financing solutions tailored to their unique needs and growth objectives."

While time in business and credit profile are important considerations, Commercial Capital Connect is committed to taking a personalized approach to underwriting. Agencies with as little as 6 months' operating history and personal credit scores as low as 600 may qualify for funding.

"We understand that new and emerging agencies often face significant financial hurdles in getting their businesses off the ground," Tibbs added. "Our goal is to look beyond the numbers alone and evaluate the full potential and operational strengths of each applicant. With $25 million to deploy, we have the capacity to say 'yes' in situations where other lenders may not."

Home health care and hospice providers nationwide interested in learning more about the new financing program can contact Commercial Capital Connect by visiting by calling (800) 798-4551 or visiting their website at:

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