Introducing Webswing 24.1: Accelerated Experience

The new Webswing 24.1 was released in April 2024. Focused on Instant idle instances, Advanced settings in Admin console, FileChooser provider interface, Component migration - more components, Undock window to a new tab, Enhanced DTO serialization. Packed with new features while maintaining support for Java 21, Java FX 17, Java FX 21, Java JDK with embedded Java FX.

Dublin, Ireland, May 06, 2024 --( Company of Webswing is delighted to unveil the new release of Webswing Software. The latest version, Webswing 24.1, is now available for download in the download section or via Client Portal. Additionally, customers explore the detailed list of features that come with this release below.

The latest version of Webswing, 24.1 - Accelerated Experience introduces an array of new features, including:

-Support for Java 21
-Compatibility with Java FX 17 and Java FX 21
-Java JDK that includes integrated Java FX support
-Quick launch of idle instances
-Expanded administrative settings in the Admin console
-A new FileChooser provider interface
-Increased component migration options
-The ability to undock windows into new tabs
-Improved DTO serialization capabilities

What's New in Webswing 24.1?
Java 21 Support
Starting with Webswing 24.1, Webswing now supports Java 21, ensuring platform remains up-to-date with the latest Java standards and security features.

Enhanced JavaFX Support
Webswing has expanded support for JavaFX, now accommodating Java FX 17 and Java FX 21. This allows for richer and more dynamic web applications using the latest JavaFX libraries.

Embedded JavaFX in Java JDK
Webswing 24.1 also introduces support for Java JDKs that come with built-in JavaFX libraries that simplifying the deployment process.

Instant Idle Instances
Building on the idle instance feature introduced in Webswing 23.1, Webswing has made significant improvements. Now, applications launch completely in the background and await user connection. This means users can start interacting with the application almost instantly upon opening the page, depending on their connection speed, enhancing user experience by reducing wait times to zero.

Advanced Settings in Admin Console
The admin console now features an expanded configuration menu that includes previously hidden advanced settings. This enhancement not only simplifies setup for customers but also provides administrators a comprehensive overview of all application settings along with detailed descriptions.

FileChooser Provider Interface
First included in Webswing 23.2.5, this feature supports integration for customers who use custom solutions instead of the classic JFileChooser for file management. It can now be used with the HtmlPanel and JavaScript API for an improved file handling experience.

Component Migration
Webswing continues to migrate more components from Swing to web components, enhancing the modernization of applications. New additions include combobox, checkbox, radio, formatted text input, spinner, progress bar, slider, textarea, and a context/right-click menu. These components join those introduced in 23.2, such as input, button, and panel.

Undock Window to a New Tab
Introduced in 23.2.3, this feature allows windows to be undocked not only to new popup windows but also to new tabs, improving user navigation and interaction.

Enhanced DTO Serialization
Improvements in the serialization process of data exchanged between the server and browser and within Webswing components mean faster de-/serialization and a reduction in the size of transferred data.

Experience the Difference with Webswing 24.1
Webswing 24.1 is all about enhancing performance, simplifying user interfaces, and providing a seamless experience for both developers and end-users. Try it today to see how "Accelerated Experience" can transform customers web application development and deployment.

For more information and to get started with Webswing 24.1, visit Webswing website.
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