Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center Brings First Histotripsy Liver Tumor Treatment to Colorado

Denver, CO, May 15, 2024 --( Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center is proud to announce the introduction of histotripsy, a revolutionary non-invasive liver tumor treatment, to the state of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region. This pioneering technology marks a significant milestone in tumor treatment, offering a cutting-edge alternative for liver tumor patients.

Histotripsy utilizes focused ultrasound waves to precisely target and destroy liver tumors without the need for surgical intervention. This state-of-the-art approach allows for the treatment of liver tumors with unprecedented precision, significantly reducing the risk of complications associated with traditional treatments and promoting a faster recovery for patients.

"As the first healthcare provider in Colorado to offer histotripsy, we are setting a new standard in the treatment of liver cancer," said Eric Liu, Neuroendocrine Specialist, at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center. "This technology underscores our commitment to providing the most advanced, patient-centered care available. We are thrilled to bring this innovative treatment option to our patients and to lead the way in cancer care in the state."

Histotripsy represents a major advancement in oncology, offering several key benefits to patients, including:

Non-invasive treatment: No incisions are required, significantly reducing the risk of infection and other surgical complications.

Precision targeting: The ability to accurately target tumor cells while sparing surrounding healthy tissue.

Reduced recovery time: Patients can expect a quicker return to their daily activities post-treatment.

Enhanced safety profile: A safer alternative for patients who may not be candidates for traditional surgery due to other health concerns.

The introduction of histotripsy at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center is the result of a rigorous evaluation process and a testament to the hospital's dedication to embracing innovative technologies that improve patient outcomes. "Our team is highly trained and ready to deliver this advanced treatment, offering hope and a new lease on life to many facing liver cancer," added Thomas Heffron, Liver Transplant Surgeon at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Transplant Center

Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center is committed to leading the way in medical innovation and patient care. With the addition of histotripsy, the hospital continues to demonstrate its dedication to offering the most advanced treatment options to patients across Colorado and beyond.

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