Experience 60 Days of Free Trial with ThingsMaster OTA for Easy to Use IoT Management

Barcelona, Spain, May 15, 2024 --(PR.com)-- WoMaster, a leading provider of industrial networking and IoT solutions, is excited to announce a 60-day free trial program for ThingsMaster OTA. This program allows users to explore the convenient IoT features of ThingsMaster OTA, a web-based over-the-air device management solution.

Key Features of ThingsMaster OTA:

Interactive Monitoring Dashboard:

Real-time display of environmental sensor measurement
Visualize device status, wireless signal strength, and the location of deployed LTE/5G routers.
Monitor devices online/offline/warning status using color-coded indicators (green/red/orange).

Over-the-Air Device Management:
Batch device configuration and firmware updates ensure devices stay up-to-date with the latest features and security patches.
Support the latest TLS encryption and X.509 authentication.
Multi-tenant and project-oriented IoT deployment.
Create flow-based programming for rule chains.
Customize alerts and automate actions based on specific events.
Rule Engine (Node-RED-like):

Why Choose ThingsMaster OTA?

Intuitive User Interface: Simplify device management without IT development.
AI Machine Learning Technology: Prevent downtime and recommend maintenance.
Alarm Notifications: Receive alerts via SMS, email

Get Started Today. Experience the power of ThingsMaster OTA by signing up for our 60-day free trial account. Boost productivity, enhance security, and streamline your device management.

About WoMaster: WoMaster Group is an international group with over 20 years of industrial market experience. We provide rugged products with customer-oriented support for critical applications such as railway, power, marine, and oil & gas.

For more information about the WoMaster products and solutions, please visit www.womaster.eu.
Samantha Lin