phpAuction Release GPL Basic Solution Free of Cost

phpAuction is offering the GPL Basic free of cost. This license allows to use, modify, distribute, and sell it.

Barcelona, Spain, June 23, 2008 --( phpAuction GPL 3.2.1, is the basic core product inside phpAuction software family. It is a great starting point for a new web-based auction site and now it is offered free of cost. Find it as the correct tool: easy to install and manage via web. It also has a very user-friendly back-end, and easy, flexible customization.

- Simple. Intuitive and user-friendly.
- Scalable. From 1 to a million auctions.
- Cross platform. (Windows/Linux/Mac) Easy to install (PHP based).

The phpAuction GPL Basic license allows to use, modify, distribute, and sell it. Best of all… it is free of cost.

- Basic Auction features: Reserve price, Standard & Dutch auctions, Item & Auction watch, Multilingual support, ebay like feedback, etc.
- Source code: All PHP source code files are provided.

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About phpAuction
phpAuction is the unprecedented and definitive one-stop shop for building independent online auction business. Started as a personal project by Gianluca Baldo at 1997. After more than a decade of development, our wide range of solution cover the realm of today’s e-commerce business.

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