Idactor Ltd. Unveils Universal Access Control Device

Affordable and versatile solution for managing access to premises and controlling service use.

Helsinki, Finland, May 28, 2024 --( Idactor Ltd. is proud to announce the global commercial launch of its innovative and affordable access control device, Idactor IAM. This device is designed to change how travel businesses and institutions manage their access control needs and control the use of in-house services. Customers can identify themselves and redeem services using digital identifiers on their mobile phones or traditional physical media such as cards, wristbands, and keyfobs equipped with an NFC/RFID chip. The Idactor IAM device can be fully managed remotely and allows real-time access control and service monitoring.

The Idactor IAM device offers versatility, allowing control of any type of service. It can manage any type of door, gate, or dispenser remotely and can accommodate attached interactive displays and features an inbuilt sound system.

This wide range of capabilities makes it an ideal choice for various sectors, including:

- Hotels
- Resorts
- Restaurants
- Amusement Parks
- Public Services
- Recreation Providers

Already adopted by several prominent hotel chains, amusement parks, golf resorts, and academic institutions, the system has proven its reliability and effectiveness in high-traffic and demanding environments. This widespread adoption underscores the device's potential to meet diverse access control and service monitoring needs with ease and efficiency.

Key Features:

Universal Compatibility: Easily integrates with any optical or RFID/NFC reader.
Remote Management: Fully manageable from any location via a web interface.
Versatility: Suitable for doors, gates, dispensers, service control, and more.
Wide Application: Ideal for hospitality, recreation, public services, and educational institutions.

"We are thrilled to bring this revolutionary device to markets globally," said Vesa Haimi, Founder of Idactor Ltd. "Our goal is to provide a versatile, affordable, and reliable solution that can transform how businesses and institutions manage access to their premises and control the use of in-house services. The system can be connected to most electronic locks, ports, and dispensers, or can be used as a stand-alone device with a display to control access to any in-house service. Monitoring and controlling access and services reduces misuse, increases safety, and provides valuable insights for businesses."

Idactor Ltd. invites interested parties to contact them for more details and to schedule a personal introductory session. Discover how this innovative access control solution can enhance security, convenience, and operational efficiency for your organization.

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Idactor Ltd. is a leading provider of innovative access control and service management solutions. Committed to enhancing safety and efficiency, Idactor Ltd. develops cutting-edge technologies that meet the evolving needs of businesses and institutions worldwide.

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