Rinkya’s Redesigned Blog Brings Japan Unko, Unchi and Undies to the Internet

Building a Better Design for Deer Poop (Unchi).

Tempe, AZ, June 20, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Laurel Russell, Vice President of Rinkya Inc., the premier Japanese shopping service, has been running the newly redesigned Rinkya Blog for a little over a year.

“Sorting through the fads and foibles of another culture is endlessly fascinating,” says Laurel. “And learning about another culture and its traditions is very fulfilling.”

Over the past year the Rinkya blog has covered such topics as the shisas, or Seasers, the guardians and protectors used to ward off evil and bring good luck; from Pepsi Cucumber Ice, Godzilla, and Hello Kitty to Unchi, good luck charms in the shape of poop, Laurel has explored the culture of Japan and condensed it into the blog.

“I love any cultural post on Japan, because I usually learn things I did not know and I find the different traditions in Japan intriguing and fascinating. I also love digging out the strange and often funny items that can be found in another culture, Unchi (deer poop) chocolate drops for example.”

“Rinkya has just finished redesigning the Rinkya blog. I love the new look,” says Laurel. “ I hope my readers find it more visually exciting and easier to use.

“Searching out the fun, and unique things that are offered in Japan, and introducing them to the rest of the world is something I really enjoy doing. There is always so much to find and report on. In just the last few weeks I’ve reported things like Pepsi’s Blue Hawaii, pineapple/lemon soda, Totoro cream puffs, and an entire earthquake survival kit for cats and dogs.

“Japanese gadgets are endlessly fascinating and I try to feature things like frog can crushers, mini-skirt mouse pads, USB Pandas and Hello Kitty undies as often as I can.

“And it’s all so much fun. I get information on the newest collectibles, funny news stories, and serious ones, information on the traditions and holidays of Japan, and crazy items and gadgets that are sure to evoke a smile.

“I really try to spend more time on the blog and hopefully, with the new design that will be possible. I do have a day job, however. Being the Vice-President of Rinkya, and making sure our customers get the best of Japan delivered right to their door is a pretty big job all by itself. I guess working for a living isn’t all good luck charms and chocolate deer poop.”

A Rinkya Blog can be found at: http://rinkya.blogspot.com/ A great place to explore a new culture, get the best advice about Japanese collectibles, antiques and unique products, and a fun place to hang out for a while on the internet. And if you didn’t buy the Unchi, try here: http://rinkya.blogspot.com/2006/11/stocking-stuffer-only-found-in-japan.html Get yourself a little Unko (luck.)

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