AMPP's Master Painters Institute Launches Innovative MPI Decision Tree™ Tools to Revolutionize Coatings Specifications

New Digital Interactive Guide Simplifies Coatings System Selection for Industry Professionals

Houston, TX, June 06, 2024 --( The Master Painters Institute (MPI), a subsidiary of the Association of Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP), has announced the launch of the MPI Decision Tree™ tools. This digital platform is designed to transform the way industry professionals specify coatings for new construction and restoration projects.

The MPI Decision Tree™ tools are an interactive guide that helps users identify the most appropriate coating systems and recommend products suited to their specific commercial and architectural needs. By integrating a series of user-friendly prompts that consider all project variables, the tool significantly reduces the manual effort traditionally required in coatings selection.

"MPI is committed to elevating the standards and efficiency of the coatings application industry," said MPI President Pam Nicoletti. "With the launch of the MPI Decision Tree™ tools, we are empowering professionals to not only save time and money but also enhance the quality and durability of their projects. This tool is a crucial step forward in our mission to advance the industry through innovation and expertise."

Key benefits of the MPI Decision Tree™ tools include:

· Cost Savings: Quickly identifies the most suitable coatings, minimizing the risk of expensive failures.

· Time Efficiency: Streamlines the decision-making process, eliminating the need to consult extensive documentation or memorize intricate system details.

· Risk Reduction: Increases the chances of choosing the project's most suitable system, products, and surface preparation techniques.

· Detail Capture: Offers downloadable and editable paint finishing schedules and tailored specifications encompassing all project details.

· Environmental Consideration: Features an interactive prompt that ensures all critical environmental conditions impacting the project are considered.

Experience the Future of Coatings Specification Now:

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