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Internet Based Moms

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Busy moms from around the globe share advice and receive mom-to-mom support in growing community.

Delta, Canada, April 12, 2006 --( Today's mom is busier than ever. It doesn't matter if she's a career mom trying to balance work and family or a stay-at-home mom trying to run the household and manage the many activities their children are involved in. This hectic pace often translates to isolation and leaves mother's little time to socialize and relax.

“Women are undoubtedly busy and moms are always wearing many hats and juggling a multitude tasks throughout the day,” says Life Coach, Aurelia Williams of Washington, D.C., “It is very important for moms to connect with other mothers that are supportive, understanding and caring. By doing this, you are nurturing yourself and also building a network of support. Supportive online communities can provide a very warm and welcoming atmosphere were mothers can come to unwind, share the ups and downs of parenting and gain much needed support. Taking time out to recharge your batteries is just what every mother needs in order to provide the love and care that they want to themselves and their family.”

To respond to this need to help other moms connect with others who understand their situations and can provide advice and support, a new message board forum has been created at This online community created by work at home mom, Alice Seba, is available twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.

“We moms have so many responsibilities that we sometimes forget that we need a break sometimes too. That's why I created this resource for moms, by moms,” says Seba, “There's nothing worse with a frazzled mom who feels she has no release at the end of her crazy day. It's not good for the mom and it's not good for the family.”

The forum officially opened its virtual doors on March 29, 2006, and is already making a difference in the lives of its mom members, “It's really the only 'girl talk' I get now that I'm at home all the time," says forum member Arika Liddiard of Shacklefords, Virginia, “I really enjoy the fact that everyone is open and accepting of each other, no matter what the topic. That's hard to find with a group of women.”

Forum topics include parenting, relationships, staying healthy and just about anything a mom wants to talk about. There is also a growing collection of tips in the “Tips Archives” where mothers can search for and post mom-to-mom tips about everything from breastfeeding to spot removing to organization.

Mothers are welcome to get support and join the discussions at:

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