Bone Fish Ltd Launches the World’s First Ever Black White Label Dating Network

This month, Bone Fish Ltd – the world’s first ever free white label dating provider with an affiliate portfolio of 14,000 sites and a membership base of 3.7 million – has launched the very first solely black network in history and has filled a much-needed gap in the white label marketplace.

New York, NY, June 21, 2008 --( With an estimated 20 million internet users logging in to at least one online dating site a month, the generic romance sector has transformed itself into a multi-million dollar industry a year. And Bone Fish Ltd, with its highly acclaimed white label affiliate dating programme – which enables partners to set up, execute and monitor a completely pre-populated and fully customisable dating or adult site at the touch of a button (and for no cost) – is at the forefront of this industry and right at the top of its game.

With very nearly ten years experience under its wing, Bone Fish Ltd is the oldest white label dating provider in history with one of the strongest standing programmes and services on the net. Boasting around 3.7 million ‘real-members’ across the globe, and some 28 clearly-defined niche networks, it is little wonder that the ten-year old company boasts an affiliate referral rate of 90%. Known for its tendency to innovate and advance its programme on a regular basis to satisfy the growing needs of its affiliates and members, Bone Fish Ltd is possibly the white label dating provider that sports the most comprehensive business model online today.

And this month, to further develop its product portfolio and to unlock a relatively untapped market in the white label industry, Bone Fish Ltd has created the first-ever exclusively-black (white label) network that allows coloured members to find other coloured members around the world in a safe and secure virtual environment.

Michael Fitzgerald, director and co-founder of Bone Fish Ltd, revealed: “Some time back we recognized that the demand for a “true” black-network in the online dating sector was incredible – and we wanted to capitalise on that. Because by filling a much-needed gap in the marketplace and by providing our affiliates with yet another network not currently included in competitor portfolios, we can help our partners to achieve their goals and surpass all their expectations with regard to their adult and dating networking sites.

“Admittedly, it is still very early days for this network. However, we are already seeing a truly phenomenal response. The demand is just outstanding and the potential conversion rates are very high indeed. In fact, they are actually much higher than some of the more common networks currently on offer.

“As you can imagine, the entire team at Bone Fish Ltd is delighted to able to offer the first-ever ‘Black white label network’ to their extensive database of clients – and of course, to once again offer some of the highest payouts in the industry. Because at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about!”

For more information on the world’s first-ever white label dating programme that now boasts the world’s first-ever black niche network, please contact the Public Relations Department at: Alternatively, for a comprehensive overview of the affiliate scheme with recurring income month-after-month, visit:

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