Bond Rees Tackle 20 Fly Tipping Cases in 2024

London, United Kingdom, June 14, 2024 --( With cases increasing across the UK, Bond Rees have been called on to conduct investigations into fly tipping up and down the country and have now surpassed 20 successful cases this year alone. Covert surveillance into fly tipping hotspots have been able to reveal prolific fly tippers and aid authorities in preventing future cases to ensure a safer environment for communities and wildlife. Bond Rees private investigators use a combination of surveillance equipment to catch fly tippers, background checks on the rubbish that is tipped, and their tracing expertise to tackle fly tipping cases head on and find the culprits.

Bond Rees are the leading private investigative agency in the UK, specialising in corporate investigations, bug sweeps, and asset traces. “Fly tipping affects the environment, local communities and police forces, who are already spreading wafer thin trying to follow up on cases,” commented Aaron Bond, founder of Bond Rees. “We’ve put together a highly experienced team of private detectives that are dedicated to cleaning up our streets and catching fly tippers. We’re proud to have cracked over 20 fly tipping cases in recent months and hope we can help crack many more in the following months.”

Bond Rees are dedicated to client confidentiality and never reveal a client’s information without consent. All investigations are undertaken in strict accordance with the laws and regulations set out in the GDPR.

About Bond Rees: Bond Rees is a national organisation with offices across the UK. Clients looking for discreet, professional and affordable private investigative services turn to Bond Rees for their services. Their reputation for highly efficient and effective investigative work has established them as one of the leading private investigation companies in the UK.
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