Starts Its Player Recruiting Events is a sports tournament website. Players go online, show off as they pick rival sports teams, and can receive up to $1,000 in prizes. The website is sponsored by local advertisers, although advertisers do not receive the players' information and do not solicit their products directly to players.

Phoenix, AZ, June 21, 2008 --( announced that it has started its player-recruiting events in local sports bars and businesses. is a no-charge and fun sports tournament website. The players do not pay a dime to participate in the tournaments. The concept is pretty simple. Former radio personality and Co-founder, Thom Tschetter, is a huge sports fan. Thom came up with the idea of having sports tournaments where sports fans and other fans can choose, just which teams will be victorious in 15 professional games. Those who choose the most correct answers will receive monetary prizes. "We just want players to have fun, show-off as they choose the most runner-ups, and get some financial rewards," Thom explains. "Our player-recruiting events are great for local sports bars and businesses, and their clients associate with the local business every time they play."

In recent weeks, the website has experienced phenomenal viral growth as players are encouraged to introduce to their friends. If any player invites a friend, and the friend plays and receives a prize, then both of them get the same monetary prize. That's the rule. So every player increases their chance of getting more rewards by inviting friends.

Co-founder Yuvi Shmul, an entrepreneur who owned and operated several start up and growing companies, has helped Thom perfect the website. Yuvi and Thom designed the website with the following elements in mind: the players will always play for at no charge and privacy will always be respected. The co-founders are committed to strict no-solicitation and no-spam policies. According to Yuvi, the business model is working great; "We are looking forward to giving more prizes away as more people join the website and more advertisers enjoy the localized exposure on We made sure that every page has only one advertiser, but by selling a limited number of advertisers per zip code, each player will always see the local advertiser's ad; hence, advertisers benefit from very affordable, repetitive, targeted and localized marketing."

Yuvi Shmul