Sonitrol Pacific Operator Stops Crimes at Two Different Locations Within Minutes of Each Other

A Sonitrol Pacific Operator received alarms and dispatched police to two different Washington schools within minutes of each other June 18. Both dispatches resulted in arrests.

Tacoma, WA, June 21, 2008 --( Police apprehended a one person suspected of breaking six windows at a one elementary school and a suspected burglar at another elementary school after a Sonitrol Pacific operator alerted them to suspicious activity June 18.

The operator, an expert at sound analysis, received a signal activation at 12:42 a.m. and heard sounds indicative of glass breaking. She called the school district’s guard service, but the guard said he was too far away to arrive in time to apprehend an intruder and the operator called the police department. Police arrived to find a large window in the school’s library shattered. They promptly caught and cuffed the suspected culprit.

Then, at 12:52 a.m. the operator an audio activation at from a second school and determined the sounds most likely indicated glass breaking. The operator immediately called police. Officers arrived at the school and apprehended a woman they suspect broke six windows out of a portable classroom. While officers were en route, the operator contacted a representative from the school to inform him of the activity and let him know he may want to prepare to respond to a possible request from the police. Knowing that if a Sonitrol Pacific operator says “possible” broken glass it means “probable” broken glass, the school representative got out of bed and dressed to go to the school.

Sound Security, dba Sonitrol Pacific
Pamela Singleton