PJB Slips from 45 to 51 on the PowerShares Momentum Tracker Table, as Banks Take a Beating

Don Dion's PowerShares Momentum Tracker looks at how the banking crisis is effecting one ETF.

Williamstown, MA, June 21, 2008 --(PR.com)-- In their weekly issue released today, Fidelity Independent Adviser’s PowerShares Momentum Tracker examined the impact that the latest banking woes have had on the PowerShares Dynamic Banking (PJB) portfolio. In its regular feature, Don’s Outlook, Don Dion concludes that while PJB may have sunk in the rankings, PJB investors may be better off than those with banking ETFs from other issuers, such as iShares:

“Luckily for PowerShares investors, exposure to regional banks is limited. PowerShares Dynamic Banking (PJB) lost 1.33 percent in the past week, and 9.89 percent in the last month. Those are mild losses when compared to iShares Dow U.S. Regional Banks (IAT), which lost 5.37 percent in the past week, and 20.04% in the past month.”

Don’s Outlook goes on to admit, however, that even comparably hearty returns could not save PJB from the “undertow” in the banking industry yesterday. Fifth Third took the hot seat yesterday, as shareholders became the latest victims of big banking’s dividend slashing, stock liquidating and capital raising, with share prices losing nearly 27%.

PowerShares Momentum Tracker asserts that “at some point, investors will greet these announcements with a shrug” as every bank is seemingly getting in line to admit the forecast is more dismal than previously thought.

What might make PJB slightly more impervious than similar funds, according to PowerShares Momentum Tracker, is that the PJB’s Intellidex Index Strategy has put two banks in the fund’s top ten holdings, UMB and New York Community Bancorp, that are actually at 52-week highs.

As bad news keeps coming from banks—and even Jim Cramer vows he will not recommend another financial—perhaps PBJ will prove to be the best of the worst. In the midst of the worsening banking crisis, hopefully PBJ will find the momentum needed to lead to a rebound and climb back up PowerShares Momentum Tracker’s sector momentum table.

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