Former NFL Player Signed to Write "Life Coaching" Greeting Cards

All About Us Greeting Cards has recruited former Wide Receiver, Charles "Jabari" McKee to write a new greeting card line. The selection entitled, "Word by Jabari" takes a modern day Socratic view on life.

Portland, OR, June 21, 2008 --( The former University of Arizona All Star spends his spare time on the lecture circuit as a life coach. According to McKee, that is where he draws most of his material for the cards.

"Athletes learn early on that positive affirmations work," stated McKee. "They play a key role, because your state of mind reflects in your performance. A good coach reinforces his team with a 'can do' approach. I transferred my athletic training into a way of life and share that information in my writing and lectures."

A representative of the company reported that the new greeting card line is all about motivation.

"We want to inspire our customers whatever their personal issues or life goals may be. Jabari writes simple, yet profound prose. His words are thought provoking, yet easy to remember, like all great quotes," said the representative. "Great quotes are timeless, whether they come from a line in a movie, or from famous people. Those inspirational one-liners become a part of our pop culture vernacular."

The company rep added, "We developed "Word by Jabari" to introduce the world to a fresh, new philosophy. Specifically, because athletes provide a good resource for self-empowerment. We can all draw from Jabari's background and training. It was an exciting coup for us to bring this kind of inspiration to our customers."

McKee, drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the second round, had been a top pick by Roger Staubach, shortly after the legendary QB's 1972 Super Bowl VI win.

"An athletes' career is relatively short compared to most careers. Generally, you're left wondering, 'what's next?' My sister worked in Hollywood at the time my football career ended. It was a tempting option," McKee revealed. "I chose to stay in Tucson and contribute to my community."

He adds, "I wanted to see my three grandson's grow up where I grew up. My decision taught me that there is life after football, and it doesn't have to be more bright lights."

Jabari, as he prefers to be called, is an Entrepreneur, and Founder of Real Hero's Sports Management Group, headquartered in the Tucson Metro area. The mission of the management group is to develop professional athletic role models "whom our youth look up to and revere" by exposing them to positive creative words. Hence, "Words make people!" as displayed on one of his cards.

"Giving back feels good, and having faith and patience. It all works out. That's the lesson I share in my lectures and my writing. But I haven't ruled out Hollywood. That's a big 'stadium', and I've got lot to say," McKee stated, with a wink.

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