LiveLeader Launches Free Next-Generation Live Support Tool

Now you can add cutting-edge live support to any website for free.

Oslo, Norway, June 22, 2008 --( LiveLeader turns any website into a two-way communication channel. The tool, which was launched today, makes it easy to add a live chat box to a website, giving users and customers a simple way to talk to sales and support personnel. A free 1-user plan is available.

"Live chat on the web is a good idea, but there haven't been many good implementations" says Kyrre Wathne, Managing Director of Kalibera, the company behind the product. "Most existing products have three big flaws: popups, plugins, and client software. We've done it the Web 2.0 way, with a free, AJAX-based tool."

See a live demo here:

The main benefits of web chat are higher conversion rates and increased customer loyalty. "Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers", says Wathne. "What do they do if they have a question? Many companies take weeks to reply to emails. With live chat, you can address concerns immediately. And a live chat tool signals a dedication to customer support."

"We see a chat revolution on the horizon", continues Wathne. "Consumers have been using instant messaging for a long time. Now more and more companies have started to see the light. The next logical step is online sales and customer service." The company sees a market with huge potential. "We're not just targeting companies with big customer service departments. We think a lot of smaller companies could benefit from this tool," says Wathne.

LiveLeader uses some cutting edge technology. The interface is built with Google Web Toolkit, and the service is deployed on Amazon Web Services. Visitors are automatically located with Google Maps. The most important aspect, though, is the end-user chat experience. Because LiveLeader embeds directly in web pages, users can start chats with a single click.

"We're really concerned that end-users should have a positive experience of LiveLeader. Unfortunately, with some live chat tools, the end-user ends up feeling harassed. Our aim is to provide a polite but effective way to put customers and companies in touch."

To see a live demo or sign up for a free account, go to

Kyrre Wathne