Wiggle Giggle Learn Uses Authentic Early Education to Ensure Little Ones Grow to Love Learning

Charleston, SC, June 21, 2008 --(PR.com)-- The research is clear - Parental interactions and the quality of the home environment have the single biggest affect on young children’s emergent literacy, social competence and overall educational success. "Mother Nature has plainly not entrusted the determination of our intellectual capacities to the blind fate of a gene or genes; she gave us parents, learning…and education to program ourselves with,” says Matt Ridley in his book Nature via Nurture: Genes, Experience, and What Makes Us Human.

Science aid, in the United Kingdom, calls their findings the Rubber Band Hypothesis. “It says that the potential (length of the band) is decided by genetics. However, the environment stretches this band, so that someone with a low potential could be stretched beyond someone with a high because of environmental differences.” (Scienceaid.co.uk/psychology)

How do you create an effective home learning environment in the early years?

Tracey Bryant Stuckey, chief creative learning officer for www.wigglegigglelearn.com says, “Parents must engage their little ones in daily problem solving and exploration of ideas that draw on culture, experiences, and the building of background knowledge. Home environments should engage young children in authentic tasks and offer them daily opportunities to develop deep knowledge of concepts and skills relevant to their lives. Young minds are absorbent minds with amazing abilities to learn early; even those with special needs have special talents. Our goal should be to challenge our children, regardless of how “smart” they are to stretch their minds and achieve their maximum potential. ”

Central to Wiggle Giggle Learn’s model is the belief that success of children in our future society will depend upon

their enthusiasm for learning
their ability to think creatively and independently
their development of strong social and emotional capabilities
their ability to communicate, negotiate, and work as a team
their ability to quickly absorb information and learn new skills with flexible problem solving
early learning during the most critical brain development years, birth to five

For more information on how you can begin developing your child or grandchild’s intellect for less than 50 cents per day, visit them at www.wigglegigglelearn.com.

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