SearchDome Adds New eBay Search Feature: "Search by Seller Feedback Rating"

SearchDome adds new eBay search filter using eBay's Seller Feedback Rating and Seller Positive Feedback Percent. Now eBayer's can exclude Sellers with poor feedback from their search results.

Boston, MA, June 25, 2008 --( SearchDome has just added two new eBay search filters that allow users to filter out Sellers that don’t meet the Buyers search requirements. The new search filters are based on eBay’s Feedback Rating and Positive Feedback Percent.

For Sauvé eBay Buyers looking to spend hundreds of dollars, finding the right Seller is very important. No one wants to purchase a high priced item from a Seller with a -2 rating. But until now there wasn't a way to filter search results by the Sellers feedback score. Now eBay Buyers no longer need to search thru search results that contain items listed by Sellers with poor feedback ratings.

About: SearchDome Inc. ( ) - SearchDome has been providing eBay Buyers with the ability to automate their eBay searches since October of 2004. SearchDome is registered in eBay’s Solution Directory as an approved eBay third-party Solution Provider since 2005. SearchDome provides a free, proactive approach to searching eBay. Users can create their own personal eBay searches on SearchDome using special search filters not available on eBay. SearchDome users can select their searches to run hourly, daily, or every couple days. If the search finds any items matching the search criteria, the search results are emailed to the user.

SearchDome also offers personal assistance to help users create effective eBay searches.


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