Debt Consolidation Care Introduces Its Question of the Week Section

The Debt Consolidation Care community adds another feather in its cap with the "Question of the week" section. The "Question of the week section" is an effort by the DebtCC team to put forth the views of the community members on a particular topic and help them earn $50 with their answers.

Carson City, NV, June 24, 2008 --( Denny, the founder of DebtCC says "We discuss hundreds of topics in a day in our forums but the "Question of the week" section has twisted the story. This recently added section is an opportunity where hundreds of us can answer one question and battle it out for better and the best ones." It is a weekly contest and every week a challenging question is put up before the members for their responses. The winner of this contest receives a grand prize of a $50 check.

The winner of this award will be determined at the end of each week by the Debt Consolidation Care members and the admin panel of the site. Once the contest is over, the answers are displayed on the site for voting. However, to keep the voting fair, the names of the members who have answered are kept hidden. Once the result is declared, all the answers with the names of the people who wrote them are made public.

The "Question of the week" section is growing popular amidst the members. "It's a platform where each and every member can come and share his or her views...and of course, it is also a nice place to earn $50. I don't think any harm in it because after all I am using my knowledge to gain the money." says Tweet turner, a member of DebtCC forums.

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Ryan Smith