Online Auction Site Grabs Onto Buy USA

Successfully Minimizes Fraud and Inspires American Patriotism.

Casa Grande, AZ, June 24, 2008 --( In a response to an overwhelming amount of fraud on the Internet, King & Associates launched at the end of October, 2007, with the objective to provide an online marketplace that maximizes quality in products and transactions without the prevalent fraud found elsewhere. Their main focus has been on eliminating crooked sellers and preventing the sales of counterfeit designer products, bootleg media, and other low quality products. In order to accomplish this successfully, they have implemented a number of specific strategies. These include only allowing sellers who live in the United States, ship from the United States, and use a payment processing company based in the United States. Unlike other auction sites, also will not allow drop shipping (where seller has an item shipped from another vendor) or presales of items they don’t yet have in their possession.

"Our number one goal," says Robert King, President of King & Associates, "has been to provide the buyer with quality products that will be shipped quickly, while doing our best to ensure a safe buying environment." In addition, the site is proud of the fact that they are playing a major role in keeping American dollars in the United States with their policies. "When a buyer purchases a product off of," says King, "not only do they get a quality product that is shipped quickly, but they can know that they are supporting sellers based in the United States." may have actually discovered quite a dynamic business model. Having only been live for a little over seven months, they are already receiving 20,000 unique visitors a month (statistics from with a large volume of successful sales. Whatever the cause, whether it’s the desire for quality products or simply American patriotism, is definitely attracting a large volume of sellers and buyers who like the site and like their concepts.


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