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BlackOut™ Infrared HMMWV Vehicle Filters Help Protect Our Troops Overseas

US Night Vision Corp. has developed a complete line of Mil-Spec BlackOut™ Infrared Filter Kits for US Military HMMWV, 2-1/2, 5, 7 Ton Trucks and Trailers. These inexpensive kits allow our troops to fight and travel more safely at night.

Costa Mesa, CA, April 13, 2006 --( US Night Vision Corp. has recently developed a complete line of BlackOut™ Infrared Filter Kits for US military vehicles, including the HMMWV, 2-1/2, 5, & 7 Ton Military Trucks & Trailers. With thousands of Military Vehicles currently in service around the world the new BlackOut™ Infrared filters help protect our troops by allowing them to see better at night. 

The US Night Vision BlackOut™ Infrared filters allow US military vehicles to operate covertly while being driven with NVD’s (night vision devices) at night. Military vehicle operations at night can often be extremely difficult due to a lack of illumination. Driving with just NVD’s not only slows down the element’s rate of movement, but also makes recognition more difficult and increases the risk of fratricide.

When operating with our BlackOut™ Infrared filters US military units can now run in large multi-vehicle convoys without exposing themselves to unnecessary detection. The US Night Vision BlackOut™ Infrared filters cover the front headlights and taillights, allowing drivers to more clearly in front of them as well as see brake lights and therefore maintain a safe following distance in a convoy. The non-essential lights on the vehicles are covered with ABS plastic caps that can be painted to match the type of camouflage being used.

BlackOut™ IR Filter Vehicle Kits are available for immediate purchase. US Night Vision Corp. also offers a complete line of BlackOut™ IR filters for spotlights and weapon mounted flashlights such as the popular SureFire M95. Our new line BlackOut™ IR Glo Tape is also available in 1”x1”& 2”x2” squares and American Flag formats! BlackOut™ infrared products are manufactured and distributed exclusively by US Night Vision Corp.

US Night Vision Corporation is a manufacturer of Night Vision Equipment and Infrared Products as well as a distributor for product lines including Thermal Viewers, Body Armor, Tactical Helmets, Holographic Optics, Lasers and Flashlights.

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