FuseFly Site is Newest Way to Connect Homeschoolers Worldwide

New Social Network Introduces Next Generation of Communication to the Homeschooling Community.

Powell, OH, June 25, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Homeschool parents and students have always sought new ways to connect with fellow homeschoolers, and now FuseFly, an online social network, is reaching these families around the world. This innovative site was created by homeschoolers for homeschoolers, allowing both teens, ages thirteen and up, and their parents to share information, meet new homeschoolers and organize group activities. FuseFly is facilitating homeschooling connections globally, not just locally.

As the active homeschool parents of five, Tim and NiQui Chatfield developed FuseFly to keep up with the exponential growth of the worldwide homeschool community. FuseFly was created utilizing their experience as the founders of Progress Academy and the managers of a non-profit homeschool association for the state of Ohio, as well as the insight of their teenage children. In conjunction with eSchool Consultants, LLC, they fulfilled the need for an innovative yet safe way to connect the homeschool community worldwide.

“FuseFly is the next generation of communication for homeschoolers. We have created a vehicle for homeschool teens and parents to share experiences, challenges, interests and information relevant to home educators. Our mission is to unite homeschoolers in a safe environment and create an interactive community for teens and parents,” said co-founder NiQui Chatfield about the benefits of FuseFly.

Since the site’s launch in March of 2008, FuseFly has already welcomed more than 1,000 users and continues to grow from positive word-of-mouth and a presence at nationwide homeschooling events. FuseFly reaches the homeschooling community as a whole, but is also divided into parent and student sections, giving both groups the opportunity to reach out specifically to their peers. The entire site is family-friendly though, with built-in resources for reporting abuse, blocking offensive language and maintaining a positive atmosphere for everyone involved.

About FuseFly

FuseFly is a social network connecting homeschoolers around the world. This innovative site gives homeschoolers the opportunity to socialize with other homeschoolers, while offering a secure environment for teens age thirteen and up and areas for both students and parents. Visit us at www.fusefly.com.

Tim Chatfield