Mission Recording System Documents Operations from Helmet

Newington, NH, June 25, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Wilcox Industries Mission Helmet Recordable System (MHRS) integrates a night and day camera and recorder using an eight gigabyte hard drive to record 2.5 hrs of hi-resolution color video and audio, up to eight hours of video or 75 hours of audio, all on a track system mounted to a MICH Helmet.

The MHRS works with any AN/PVS 14,15,18 Night Vision Goggles (NVG) using an eyecup interface and prism that allows the operator to capture nighttime video exactly as it’s being seen without obstructing the operator’s view. The MHRS will also work with 49/49 and 50/50 models with slight modifications. An amber eyecup provides a tactical advantage, greatly reducing the green eye splash common to all NVG systems. While using the inconspicuous day camera, an LED with an easily accessible rotating head gives the operator a choice of three different colors and three intensities that helps visibility by providing additional illumination.

The specially designed Modular Powered Track easily secures to the MICH helmet using a patented ratcheting cinch system and a lock release that allows the track to be quickly removed. All controls are easily located on the recorder module at the back of the helmet. The Mission Helmet Recordable System easily downloads to a computer through a concealed USB connection port or with a flashcard. Power is supplied to the system using the Quick Change™ Power Supply Module that holds two 123A lithium batteries for easy replacement while in the field.

Integrating the Wilcox Three-Hole MICH Helmet Bracket to the system incorporates the base and NVG Mount allowing the operator to mount an NVG to the helmet for secure attachment with the MHRS. Wilcox’s NVG Lanyard can also be attached to the track system for additional protection against loss of the NVG and mount. Pricing and ordering information for the MHRS is available by calling Wilcox Industries direct at 603-431-1331.

Wilcox is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high quality tactical equipment for use by Special Operations units within the United States and overseas. With knowledge gained by working with the US Military, Wilcox has engineered a product line that also provides state and local law enforcement agencies with equipment that affords a significant tactical advantage.

Wilcox Industries Corp.
Kadra Pattison