6/24/08: MediaWhiz Enhances LeadROI™ Lead Management System with JetDial®

New York, NY, June 25, 2008 --(PR.com)-- The integration of leading web-based dialing technology increases sales productivity.

MediaWhiz (http://www.mediawhiz.com), a leading results-driven online advertising company strengthened its Lead Management System, LeadROI™, by implementing JetDial®, a powerful web-based dialing technology that greatly enhances advertisers’ sales force efficiencies, lead throughput time, and conversion rates.

LeadROI’s JetDial is an innovative on-demand call center software that dramatically improves sales force efficiency. The technology automatically manages answering machines, busy signals, disconnected numbers, and fax lines to improve sales talk time by over 40%. For example, when an answering machine is detected, a personalized pre-recorded voicemail greeting is automatically delivered and the sales representative is promptly connected to the next available live party. Finally, JetDial is equipped with powerful monitoring capabilities that enable sales managers to track and analyze the performance of their sales team.

“The JetDial technology sets us apart from the other lead management systems, which offer very basic click-to-dial applications that don’t do much to improve sales force productivity when compared with our advanced preview dialer technology,” said Raj Parekh, General Manager of MediaWhiz’s LeadROI product. “LeadROI’s JetDial technology does everything from screening busy calls to leaving messages while simultaneously making the next call… enabling sales organizations to be significantly more efficient and profitable.”

Jeff Felman, JetDial’s Vice President of Sales, adds “JetDial’s integration with LeadROI is an important development in the lead management system space. LeadROI’s interactive reporting, automated lead distribution, workflow, campaign, and pipeline management capabilities coupled with JetDial’s powerful auto-dialer technology is a perfect marriage that has a huge upside for advertisers looking to improve the ROI of their lead generation campaigns.”

About Mediawhiz

Founded in 2001, MediaWhiz has grown steadily to become a leader in the online advertising space. MediaWhiz provides its clients with five results-driven online advertising services: Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising, and Search Marketing. Over 3,000 advertisers across dozens of verticals leverage the innovative solutions and online advertising expertise of MediaWhiz to improve their online advertising results. The MediaWhiz advertising network consists of over 30,000 top online publishers, who leverage MediaWhiz to maximize the profitability of their Web traffic.

MediaWhiz has approximately 140 employees between offices in New York (corporate headquarters), Atlanta and Ft. Lauderdale.

Learn more at http://www.mediawhiz.com, or call 888-866-WHIZ.

About LeadROI
LeadROI was founded in 2004, and acquired by MediaWhiz in April of 2008. LeadROI offers lead buyers and sales organizations a web-based lead and customer relationship management solution. LeadROI provides a variety of point-of-sale tools, including credit reports, pricing and data transfer tools, and the JetDial auto-dialer technology. The proprietary software streamlines new customer acquisition, improves productivity, maximizes sales conversion, and provides critical insight into lead generation production metrics.

About JetDial
JetDial is a private call center technology company, whose founders have over 50 years combined experience in teleservices. JetDial’s expertise is in developing and executing cost-effective, scalable, and legally compliant customer contact solutions that help increase productivity and performance. JetDial is built on a carrier-grade, scalable platform packed with reliable features that assist customer service or sales teams in receiving or making calls. JetDial’s hosted call center technology allows users to analyze calls, track performance, and improve results in real-time.

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