Malibu Arts Journal Announces Partnership with SellFolio® 4.0

Malibu, CA, July 14, 2008 --( Malibu Arts Journal, Southern California’s leading art critic journal, proudly announces a new partnership with SellFolio® 4.0, a blockbuster new product for Windows® Vista® and Windows XP® that helps artists, musicians and photographers create portfolio websites and CDs to showcase their work, projects and space —without programming. Malibu Arts Journal’s front and main menu pages were constructed with the SellFolio 4.0 Complete version software.

“I have expert HTML and SEO skills but little to no flash skills,” Malibu Arts Journal Publisher and Editor Kriss Perras Running Waters said. “The SellFolio 4.0 created exactly the visually stunning introduction too our site I was striving for, and the program was the most user-friendly flash software I’ve ever used. In a matter of minutes I had a beautiful design. SellFolio was an investment in visual genius.”

Russ McNeilly, VP of Marketing for SellFolio LLC added, "SellFolio is honored to work with Malibu Arts Journal-- their approach to mixed media art review blends extremely well with our goal to help artists create portfolios that really express their body of work."


New SellFolio 4.0 creates output that usually costs artists, musicians and photographers thousands of dollars to produce and generates professional portfolio websites and CDs quickly and economically. SellFolio comes with professionally-designed Flash templates with built-in special effects. Projects can include an animated Flash Introduction, a Main Menu, Image Modules, Quick-Info™ pages and a Contact page. Distribution options include: upload to user’s own hosting; SellFolio’s hosting; burn to CD; view via desktop; or link from email. Only the ubiquitous Flash player is required to play ‘SellFolios’.

About SellFolio, LLC: SellFolio LLC is privately held, founded by Russ McNeilly and Steve McNeilly with over 40 years experience in the multimedia and software businesses. Steve and Russ have won top multimedia and web presentation awards from Chicago Software Association, Pansophic and Forox competitions. Russ holds a BS in Design and an MBA. Steve holds a BS from U of Ill.

About Malibu Arts Journal: Malibu Arts Journal is a journal of culture, of what’s worth knowing and seeing, of individualism, beauty and elegance, and of the steady power of art as earned influence.

Three pivotal strengths set Malibu Arts Journal apart: an investment in visual genius, a commitment to high quality storytelling that centers art as the force in culture and a discerning editorial eye.


Russ McNeilly, SellFolio LLC

Malibu Arts Journal
Kriss Perras Running Waters
Malibu Arts Journal
Kriss Perras Running Waters