Entrepreneur Brings Unique Solution to Consumers to Solve Common Household Stainless Steel Problems

Scratch-B-Gone, a revolutionary new technology for maintaining the finish of genuine Stainless steel appliances, sinks and grills, was developed by Barry Feinman in his service business and proven effective for commercial clients with tough Stainless steel challenges. Now this process is available to homeowners as a do-it-yourself kit for removing scratches and scuffs, chemical stains, heat scorching, even rust from their expensive indoor and outdoor Stainless steel appliances.

Carlsbad, CA, June 25, 2008 --(PR.com)-- While operating his monument and public art restoration business, Barry Feinman was asked by his clients if he could come up with a solution for scratched and damaged Stainless steel elevator doors. He did and they loved it. His new process was able to restore scratched and damaged Stainless steel surface to like-new quickly and easily. This has proved to be a tremendous boon to commercial situations where the cost of replacement can be huge, for example, if a sink built into a granite counter top would need to be replaced.

In the last couple of years Scratch-B-Gone has been recogized as the only solution to Stainless steel surface damage problems by most of the major Stainless steel appliance, sink and outdoor grill manufacturers and distributors. Manufacturers are significantly reducing waste from having to discard Stainless steel panels damaged during the manufacturing process. Some have Scratch-B-Gone on their service trucks. Others have had Barry and his team come in to train their call center personnel so that they can recommend Scratch-B-Gone.

His technique proved to be such an easy, low-tech solution that Barry decided to turn it into a consumer product so that homeowners and others could benefit as well. The product version of this solution developed by Barry's new company, Restore It Yourself, Inc., is called Scratch-B-Gone. Common household Stainless steel problems include scuffs and scratches, chemical stains from acids or caustic chemicals used on adjacent brick or tile surfaces, transfer marks, heat scorching around burners or on grills, and even rust.

This new product is applicable to any genuine, brushed Stainless steel appliance, sink, grill or other item, as long as it doesn't have a clear coat or synthetic surface, usually applied by the manufacturers to help prevent finger prints and smudges.

The benefits of this new product include:

Restores original finish of scratched, stained, heat scorched or rusted Stainless steel.
Scratch-B-Gone's Ultra Shine™ provides a protective coating to applied surfaces, thus, reducing staining and rust. Our proprietary formulation provides for immediate blending of repaired surfaces to match surrounding areas.
No need to refinish entire appliance or surface.

Quickly removes heat scorch discoloration from ranges and BBQ grill hoods.
Can be used safely on all brushed grain finishes of Stainless steel.
Only product available for safe refinishing of appliances, grills and sinks.

This low-tech solution is very user friendly and homeowners find it easy to be successful using it. One customer wrote that, "After being told by many retailers that there was no hope for the scratches on my 48" KitchenAid refrigerator, I thought I was destined to live with these scratches forever (or at least until the refrigerator broke). I came across Scratch-B-Gone on an internet search, and thought I'd give it a try. It was every bit as easy to use as advertised."

For more information or to contact Barry Feinman with your questions about Stainless steel appliance, sink or grill restoration and repair visit http://www.scratch-b-gone.com or call 888-889-9876.

Company Information:
Restore It Yourself, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of environmentally safe and sane cleaning and restoration products for hard surfaces like Stainless steel, marble, glass and stone. Founded in 2007 by inventor Barry Feinman, the company has brought products, like Scratch-B-Gone, to market that are now accepted as the preferred solutions by most of the major appliance, sink and grill manufacturers and distributors.

Restore It Yourself, Inc.
Ron Ford