New Web Site Brings Scratch-B-Gone, the Industry’s Choice for Stainless Steel Restoration, to the United Kingdom

Restore It Yourself, Inc., the inventor and manufacturer of Scratch-B-Gone, announces the launch of its new UK-based web site at The company has seen growing interest from the United Kingdom in Scratch-B-Gone, with over 5% of total web site traffic to the company's main corporate site originating from the UK. This new web site is a strategic step toward bringing this amazing product to UK consumers as well as to establishing new distributors and dealers. - July 20, 2008

Web Site Launched with Focus on Everything You Need to Keep Your Stainless Steel Sink Looking Brand New

A new web site has been launched with the purpose of making available to the general consumer the information and resources that they will need to solve the 'big problems' everyone struggles with if they have a Stainless steel sink. The site includes information on general cleaning and maintenance as well as techniques for removing scratches, chemical stains and even rust, which common Stainless steel cleaners are unable to cope with. - July 10, 2008

Entrepreneur Brings Unique Solution to Consumers to Solve Common Household Stainless Steel Problems

Scratch-B-Gone, a revolutionary new technology for maintaining the finish of genuine Stainless steel appliances, sinks and grills, was developed by Barry Feinman in his service business and proven effective for commercial clients with tough Stainless steel challenges. Now this process is available to homeowners as a do-it-yourself kit for removing scratches and scuffs, chemical stains, heat scorching, even rust from their expensive indoor and outdoor Stainless steel appliances. - June 25, 2008

Inventor of Scratch-B-Gone Answers Tough Questions About This Amazing New Product

Barry Feinman, the inventor of Scratch-B-Gone and President/founder of Restore It Yourself, Inc. has produced 8 videos in which he answers eight of the top questions people new to Scratch-B-Gone are asking. This product and restoration system has gained near universal acceptance in the Stainless steel appliance, sink and grill industry among manufacturers and distributors and is now being brought directly to consumers. - June 19, 2008

Announcing the Launch of New Restore It Yourself, Inc. Website

Scratch-B-Gone, the innovative answer to the problem of scratched, stained or scorched genuine stainless steel appliances, grills and sinks, has a new home at - February 13, 2008

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