New Option Emerges for Students Moving to College

Customized moving service provides parents of college students with ease-of-mind. With increase in gas prices and vehicle rental rates, the cost of moving has dramatically increased. New service handles moving process for affordable prices.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, June 29, 2008 --( A new moving company, created by four University of Florida alumni, is allowing parents to move their sons and daughters off to college while saving money at the gas pump.

The company, Division 1 Movers, is a moving service that caters to college students in Florida.

With the rising price of gas, renting a U-Haul, SUV or large vehicle to move to college is becoming extremely more expensive.

Unlike most other moving companies, Division 1 Movers uses the carpool strategy to move numerous college students to their schools during the moving season while passing on the savings to the parents.

“We can minimize the cost to the customer because we increase the number of customers per trip,” said Mark Hall, one of the company’s co-founders.

Other traditional moving companies charge upwards of $1,000 to move a customer with one or two rooms from South Florida to universities in Gainesville or Orlando.

Division 1 Movers charges between $100 and $400, depending on the amount of property and the end location, which includes free boxes and packaging supplies.

“With the rising price of gas and the increase in vehicle rental rates, we are finding that it’s extremely more cost efficient to use a moving service,” said Tamour Khan, a Division 1 Movers co-founder.

If a family does the moving themselves, the expense of a rental vehicle, gas, hotel, boxes, packaging supplies, and physical labor can cost over $600, Hall said.

The company began operations in Gainesville, FL targeting students at the University of Florida. Gainesville was the ideal city to launch the business due to the large student population and the “college town” atmosphere.

"We know how college students live and how difficult the moving experience can often be," Hall said.

Instead of worrying about the gas and mileage of a moving truck and having to load boxes on and off of it, customers can focus on getting situated, he said.

To use their service, customers simply fill out a registration form a couple weeks before the move. The company will then mail sturdy boxes and packaging supplies to customers, pick up the boxes and haul them to the new residence.

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About Division 1 Movers:

Division 1 Movers is the ideal moving service for busy, on-the-go college students and their families. They conveniently move your belongings, whether it is from your dorm/apartment to your dorm/apartment. Division 1 also offers services to temporarily store your belongings while transitioning between moves.

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