Recruiting Firm Frontier Health Agents DeBunks 3 Resume Myths

People entering the job market right now may want to consider whether their resume is built on these myths.

Buffalo, NY, June 29, 2008 --( In the span of an hour, two resumes were sent to Frontier Health Agents, a pharmacist recruiting firm, from two different people, located in very different geographic areas, with exactly the same issues.

People entering the job market right now may want to consider whether their resume is built on these myths:

Myth #1: “A resume should be one page in length.” In the “old days”, that made sense. Job hunters mailed paper resumes. Those pieces of paper ended up in someone’s desk inbox. It doesn’t work that way anymore. Everything is electronic. Resumes are emailed.

Myth #2: “It’s okay to remove the oldest jobs”. It’s not. In this age of transparency – be an open book. Deleting past positions could create the appearance of hiding information which can undermine trust.

There are all types of excuses for removing those old jobs, but in the spirit of tough love, removing those jobs will not magically make the applicant younger. And the one page issue has already been adressed.

Now for the work-around, you can add “This resume reflects recent and applicable work experience’ to the bottom of your resume, along with “other positions available upon request”.

Myth #3: “Keep all information from individual positions grouped together.” Technically, this is correct. A good practise is to pull some accomplishments from different positions, and in bullet point form, list them right above the most recent position. Duties and responsibilities are important. Accomplishments are a powerful sales tool.

Remember, the purpose of the resume is to establish that the applicant is qualified for the position. Use accomplishments to help the hiring manager see the applicant as a perfect match right away.

Anne Minarchi from Frontier Health Agents said, "In my experience, giving yourself the freedom of multiple pages, being completely honest, and listing accomplishments, makes for a better sales piece for your search."

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