Atlanta Becoming the Hotbed of Real Estate Investing for National and International Investors & Securities Firms for local Atlanta Investment Firm, The Wealth Consortium

In recent months, Atlanta investment firm, The Wealth Consortium has seen considerable activity in its growing base of national and international real estate investors seeking new projects in the Atlanta market.

Atlanta, GA, June 26, 2008 --( In what has become a surprising footnote to the recent mortgage meltdown, liquidity crunch and housing bubble and sign that we have hit bottom and turned the corner, "Atlanta, GA, is now being sought out as a solid place to invest in real estate by national and international investors and securities firms", says Vincent Polisi, President of The Wealth Consortium.

The Wealth Consortium provides turn-key and hassle free cash flowing real estate investment opportunities boasting returns in excess of 200%. “What has been truly surprising”, says Polisi, “is that our initial Prospectus was designed to assist non-professional investors who didn’t want to deal with the hassles associated with the due diligence of finding and negotiating real estate deals, locating suitable tenants and dealing with the typical landlord issues surrounding income producing properties. Instead, it has been exceptionally well received by professional real estate investors nationwide because it offers a solid investment package producing cash flow and triple digit returns as well as an ability to invest in Atlanta and be an absentee landlord without the usual hassles. The biggest surprise came when a representative from a Norwegian securities firm contacted us and asked us to put together a $5 million dollar package so they could leverage the opportunities represented by buying cash flowing discounted real estate with the buying power created by the imbalance of the deflated U.S. Dollar versus the Norwegian Krone.”

Why would they do this? Despite the media hype, Atlanta never experienced what former Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan called “irrational exuberance”. As a result, appreciation rates were normal so the fear of massive price deflation is mitigated versus places like Florida, California and Las Vegas. Combine that with buying cash flowing properties at a substantial discount of at least 20% below true fair market value and a 24 month exit strategy yielding a 200% return and you have the foundation for a solid real estate investment deal far outpacing anything the stock market has to offer.

Even the federal government is chiming in. In the latest OFHEO Home Price Index (Office of Housing Enterprise Oversight), the government reported that the Georgia Four-Quarter Price Change based on purchase prices and appraisal valuations, was up 2.2% for 1Q’07-1Q’08. “The important thing about this number is that it takes into consideration Georgia as a whole including the rural areas and truly depreciating areas, and not just the appreciating areas in metro Atlanta, which is the focus of opportunities presented by The Wealth Consortium.”, says Polisi.

Why are so many investors attracted to their offerings? They actually took the time in this market to think through how to solve everyone’s problems given the recent crisis. They solved the investors’ problems by providing turn-key and hassle free deals with substantial cash flow and even greater 24 month returns utilizing a triple net lease structure that relieves investors of the typical maintenance, repair and collection issues associated with residential income producing properties. They are able to charge above market rents by solving their lease option tenant’s problems.

The Wealth Consortium provides a hassle free investment experience by placing lease option tenants in the homes using a No Credit Qualifying Lease Option program. With 74% of the market now unable to obtain a mortgage due to credit issues or current mortgage restrictions, this sector of the market is completely underserved, yet still desirous of owning a home. The Wealth Consortium provides that opportunity. Further, they solve distressed seller’s problems by acquiring their properties and relieving them of the associated financial burdens brought on by adjustable rate mortgage increases.
It is truly a Win-Win-Win.

Atlanta truly represents a phenomenal investment opportunity for real estate investors worldwide due to its stability, stable job market, expected growth, continued appreciation and lack of price deflation.

The Wealth Consortium
Vincent Polisi