AtHoc Emergency Notification
AtHoc Emergency Notification

Network-Centric Emergency Alerting Systems Are Installed for the DoD Through a Partnership Between AtHoc and Multimax

Multimax to Sell AtHoc’s Software through Its Numerous Contract Vehicles, Including NETCENTS to help strengthen emergency alerting capabilities for installations in the Department of Defense (DoD)

Burlingame, CA, April 13, 2006 --( AtHoc, Inc. -, provider of enterprise-class network-centric emergency alert systems, and Multimax, Inc. today announced the companies have partnered to help strengthen emergency alerting capabilities for installations in the Department of Defense (DoD). The partnership meets a critical need for the nation’s military to respond quickly to any type of emergency, especially during periods of armed conflict. AtHoc’s network-centric emergency alert systems, available through Multimax, will help the DoD identify and alert personnel quickly in the event of a serious threat.

Multimax will sell AtHoc’s offerings and provide value-added integration services through its numerous government contracting vehicles, including the Air Force NETCENTS contract.

“Multimax’s dominance in the Air Force is mirrored by their strong practices in the Army, Navy and other DoD programs,” said Guy Miasnik, president and CEO of AtHoc. “With a deep reach into the DoD, Multimax will be a powerful small business partner for AtHoc. We expect this partnership will yield great opportunities for both companies.”

In the last six months, AtHoc’s installation warning system has been rapidly adopted by the Air Force and is now used at three of the nine Air Force Major Commands. Additionally, the Army and Navy have begun purchasing AtHoc’s enterprise-class emergency alert systems. Increased awareness of the value of the network in quickly alerting personnel in times of emergency has driven the surge in customer adoption across the DoD.

“Because of our close work with the DoD, we clearly appreciate the military’s need for instant notification in times of emergency or threat,” said Carleton S. Jones, president and chief operating officer of Multimax. “Partnering with AtHoc, we’ll be able to provide the DoD with effective alerting methods that use existing networks. Using the existing infrastructure, we can keep costs low while still reaching installation personnel with critical information much more quickly than before.”

Specifically, Multimax will resell and provide value-added integration services for AtHoc C2Alerts™ and AtHoc IWSAlerts™. Both products play important roles in identifying and alerting personnel in response to threats. AtHoc C2Alerts focuses on identifying threats and alerting Operation Center personnel of these threats, while AtHoc IWSAlerts specializes in disseminating threat information out to mass audiences as well as highly-targeted groups.

AtHoc C2Alerts
The AtHoc C2Alerts system monitors incoming intelligence from multiple sources. Upon meeting specified thresholds, it automatically notifies designated users (commanders, intelligence officers, warfighters, etc.) within an Operations Center of current and predicted threats based on the user’s respective role, self-subscription or need-to-know status. The C2Alerts system sends audio-visual alerts to reach network-connected, targeted personnel. Recipients can receive the desktop alerts via pop-up, or can have a persistent desktop dashboard that has their relevant categories of information that light up and blink when new information arrives. The system’s tracking capabilities confirm alert delivery and acknowledgment.

AtHoc IWSAlerts
AtHoc IWSAlerts provides military installations with the ability to send alerts to a computer screen, cell phone or personal digital assistant (PDA) whenever a threat is identified. Threats can range from terror warnings to an approaching tornado. The alerts, in the form of pop-up windows, describe the potential threat, categorize the threat level and include instructions for action. An audio alert also automatically sounds over the computer’s speakers. Unlike products that rely on emails for alerts – emails that may not be seen or opened in a timely manner – AtHoc IWSAlerts can guarantee connected users will see and hear the alerts that pop up on user desktops within an average of one minute after the alert is sent.

The two companies are currently working on numerous joint sales opportunities.

About AtHoc, Inc.
AtHoc provides enterprise-class, network-centric emergency alert systems for emergency notifications, force protection readiness, anti-terror warnings and critical communications. AtHoc offers a broad set of emergency alerting solutions for the government/defense agencies and commercial enterprises, including IWSAlerts™ for Network-Centric Emergency Notifications; C2Alerts™ for Targeted User Alerts in Command & Control / C4I Operations Center; KMAlerts™ for Knowledge and Intelligence Dissemination; and EmployeeAlerts™ for Corporate Emergency Communications. AtHoc has partnered with Microsoft, Northrop Grumman and IBM to bring these notifications solutions to the enterprise market. The U.S. Strategic Command, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Boeing, eBay and Juniper Networks are some of the world-class organizations that have selected and deployed AtHoc for their critical enterprise notifications needs.

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About Multimax
Multimax is a rapidly growing provider of innovative, performance-based, cost-effective Enterprise IT Services and Solutions supporting the critical missions of the Air Force, Army, Navy, other DoD agencies, and federal civilian agencies. Headquartered outside Washington, DC, the company has operations in 13 other locations across the United States.

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