Teasdale Worldwide Awards Tickets for Two to Meet Stephen Baldwin

The innovative marketing firm announces winner to the actor’s extreme sports tour in Austin.

Austin, TX, June 26, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Teasdale Worldwide, the Agency of Innovation, in conjunction with Stephen Baldwin’s AsSALT Tour, recently announced Laura Fowler of Austin, TX as the winner of its “Trip for 2 to Austin” contest. The drawing included free airfare, hotel and personal chill time with Baldwin and legendary skateboarder Christian Hosoi on Saturday June 28, 2008 at PromiseLand Campus.

Contestants from Florida, Ohio, California, Illinois and Texas visited the tour’s website and completed the contest’s form to be entered into the drawing.

Dedicated to efforts of showing the youth a better way of living, Teasdale Worldwide plans to give contestants around the nation an opportunity to experience the truth at each market the tour will reach. "Teasdale Worldwide is pleased to play a part in bringing some lucky winner out to the AsSALT Tour to experience the radical reformation of today's youth," said Malcolm Teasdale, founder.

In addition to sponsoring the contests, the company is the creative force behind the tour and is helping bring Baldwin’s radical vision to reality with edgy marketing and media strategies.

What is the AsSALT Tour?
The AsSALT Tour is a radical, action sports event like no other; it is free to the public. The tour will feature performances by some of the extreme sports world’s most famous athletes defying the laws of gravity. The event will include jaw-dropping performances by icons such as: skateboard legends Brian Sumner, Chad Tim Tim, Andre Genovesi; 2007 X-Games motocross gold medalist for “Best New Trick”, Kyle Loza; and many more.

Led by Baldwin, this high-energy extravaganza will also feature live music by rock band House of Heroes, and an amateur skateboarding competition with cash and prizes. The contest will allow young skateboarding enthusiasts who believe that they have skills on a board to display their abilities in front of the professionals.

“We at Teasdale Worldwide are always looking to connect the fans with the stars of the AsSALT Tour. Seeing the performers up close provides a key moment for the fans to be able to see and hear what the athletes' life are really like,” stated Hal Jeffery, Coach of Offense. “Congratulations to the winner for the Austin AsSALT Tour.”

About Teasdale Worldwide:
Teasdale Worldwide, a strategic marketing firm based in Tampa, Florida that applies founder Malcolm Teasdale's Marketing of Distinction™ — a revolutionary process that goes beyond the flawed nature of advertising to every campaign. The firm elevates the core practice of research combined with vivid creativity and planning to develop effectual messaging for clients.


About the AsSALT Tour:
A Radical Event Like No Other
The AsSALT Tour is a branch of Stephen Baldwin’s Global Breakthrough Ministry. It is a radical extreme sports event that will help spread an uplifting message of hope to today’s hard-to-reach youth. The tour features skateboarding, freestyle BMX and motocross, live music and multi-media entertainment. It is making a positive impact in towns around the nation and world.


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