Apriorit Announces New Mind2Chart v. 1.3 Release

Apriorit – Software Development and Research Company – announced that the new version of Mind2Chart Project Management Add-in is now available. The Mind2Chart Team tells that new features added to the product are called to meet the needs of project managers with a focus on the M2C ideology of simplicity and easy usage.

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, June 27, 2008 --(PR.com)-- The new version of Mind2Chart Add-in for Mindjet MindManager® covers more of the project life-cycle. These changes are aimed at making the life of those who are involved in creating, estimating and monitoring project plan easier.

The list of the new features includes:
- Coloring Tasks and Color Synchronization.
Tasks represented by bars at the M2C pane now can be colored in the color of the text, lines or fill of the corresponding mindmap topic.
- Master Schedule.
Users can now define holidays and workdays, the number of work-hours per day for a team or teams that work on the project. This feature takes into account national and local holidays and special business conditions creating a custom master schedule.
- Advanced Resource Parameters: Individual Schedule and Cost.
In addition to resource loading the user can now define the individual schedule for each resource item. This feature, for example, takes into account worker leave. Users can also set the cost in increments of one working hour for each resource item. Additional resource information such as email and notes is also available
- Total Cost Sheet.
A new report about project total cost has been added. The user can now obtain information about the cost of all tasks added to Mind2Chart and the total project cost. These values are counted by means of resource parameters. Similar to other reports the Total Cost Sheet feature provides data in MS Excel.
- Automatic Task Alignment Tool.
This common project management tool has now been added to Mind2Chart. The tasks with nonzero cost are automatically reorganized in project schedule in such a way that none of them are overloaded, i.e. each resource item works no more than is defined in its individual schedule.

Mind2Chart developers confirm that both previous and new versions of Mind2Chart work with Mindjet Connect Beta. Such compatibility should enhance collaboration within Project Teams when planning and tracking task performance.

Talking about Mind2Chart v.1.3 Sergiy Goncharov, Manager of Mind2Chart Project, says: “developing Mind2Chart we’ve seen our main goal in making project manager work easier. So after the first M2C version release we announced that the collection and analysis of users’ opinions and suggestions was an important and high priority to us as a business – we wanted to know what people needed and how we could help. We are pleased to announce that the new version 1.3 is based on users’ requests and suggestions. It’s really great because it shows that people need our product. We are also pleased to reward our active product evangelists and enthusiasts with free copies of the new product.”

A new version is available as a 14-day free fully-functional trial on the Mind2Chart official website (http://www.mind2chart.com/index.php/buy.html). Direct purchasing via our secure shopping cart is also available.

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