Border Security Organizations Holding National Event at the Border July 4th

San Diego, CA, June 27, 2008 --( Gathering In CA Will Bring Various Groups Together To Celebrate National Sovereignty.

A coalition of pro border security and anti illegal immigration groups announced an event designed to solidify their voice and celebrate national sovereignty. Billed as Operation Secure America Now,, the event will be held at Camp Vigilance, the headquarters of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of CA, and the Border Patrol Auxiliary from July 3rd thru July 6th.

The event will start with an old fashioned western Pig-Pit barbecue with speakers, music and trade fair on July 4th and border security operations will run for the remainder of the weekend. Speakers such as: Monica Ramos- Wife of Ignacio Ramos the imprisoned Border Patrol Agent & Joe Loya, Anita Shaw (Jamiels Law), Congressman Brian Bilbray, 50th District, House of Representatives Duncan Hunter, 52nd District, Darrell Castle US Vice Presidential Candidate Constitution Party, Ted Hayes US Congressional Candidate 35th District, Duncan Hunter Jr. House of Representatives Candidate, Tony Dolz US Congressional Candidate 30th District, David Lee Joy US Congressional Candidate 51st District, Michael Crimmins US Congressional Candidate 53rd District, Chris Simcox, Founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Barbara Coe, Founder of the California Coalition of Immigration Reform and others will grace the stage offering words of encouragement to the event goers.

Camp Vigilance has been the home for the Minutemen since 2006 and is located 2.5 miles from the border fence. With more than 2,500 members in CA, the organization has established a long held reputation of working within the law and assisting the Border Patrol in making thousands of arrests and life saving events by observing and reporting illegal drug and human smuggling traffic. They have logged more than 150,000 man-hours without a single injury (on either side of the debate) or a single reportable incident.

The Border Patrol Auxiliary, an unaffiliated, private, non-profit Association, will provide security for the event, which will be held on the camp’s 170 acre facility. The event is sponsored by California Coalition for Immigration Reform, Save Our State, The Minuteman Corps of CA Inc, The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of CA, The San Diego Minutemen, The Escondido Minuteman Brigade, The Antelope Valley Minutemen and others.

Individuals, groups or vendors interested in participating should
call: 1-888-826-0948

The event will be held on private property and no disturbances of any kind will be tolerated.

Border Patrol Auxiliary
Ken Dreger