MMEC Group Launches Foundation to Show the Richness of Cultural Diversity

‘Colour-blind’ Media Movement of European Cultures (MMEC) Group offers opportunities to learn about, meet and educate other cultures working as a platform for racial harmony in Europe.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, April 14, 2006 --( April sees the launch of a brand new foundation which plans to show the richness of diversity. The MMEC Group - - is planning a number of projects over the next ten years. The group plan to start with “Tradeshows” which will create a network of media groups coming together with a common aim – to show that cultural diversity has the ability to strengthen and enrich a society rather than separate it. From here a commercial arm will be launched which will include a production company, broadcast channel, website, magazine and a Media Development Institute.

With Europe as its main focus, MMEC Founder Abdelillah Fikri talked of his inspiration. “I believe that societies and groups all over the world have become hardened to a very fast tempo and that some societies are ruled by fear, prejudice and disrespect. It is the objective of the MMEC Group to broadcast a message of tolerance, colour blindness, diversity and respect for each others cultures throughout Europe using the power of media.”

Tradeshows will begin in September 2006 to launch MMEC Group and raise awareness of its objectives and its philosophy, creating a European network of media organisations driven by the same goals. An award system will begin in 2007, given to those media organisations who demonstrate effective methods of communicating aspects of life without prejudice and encourage understanding and cultural diversity through TV, film, animation and documentary. Awards will be given for each category to professionals and media students. Prizes will include the use of MMEC facilities, mentorship of new ideas and some funding.

“Europe is steadily becoming less rigid in its boundaries” Fikri continued. “Our mission is to challenge creative people of all nations in the European Union. MMEC Group wants to be the catalyst in a network of creative, sensible, colour-blind media-makers all over Europe.”

Media Movement of European Cultures (MMEC) Group is a media company with an aim to create media opportunities for understanding and respect of each others culture, life and religion.

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