Sylvan Dell Publishing Supports Meteor Day 2008

Sylvan Dell Publishing offers children's literature and fun activities for families to do together in honor of Meteor Day.

Charleston, SC, June 28, 2008 --( Monday, June 30, is Meteor Day 2008. What better time is there for families to head outside together and search for shooting stars in the night sky?

“Shooting stars” are not really stars at all. Technically, the bright streak of light caused by a “shooting star” is really caused when a small particle or chunk of stony matter—known as a “meteoroid”—enters the earth’s atmosphere from outer space. Friction heats the meteoroid, causing it to glow as it falls to the surface of earth—hence, a “shooting star.” Millions of meteors occur in the earth’s atmosphere every day, and sometimes, the earth comes in contact with streams or swarms of tiny meteoroids, known as “meteor showers.”

Sylvan Dell Publishing has an active interest in meteors, planets, and the solar system. They believe in “science and math through literature.” Their beautiful books educate as they entertain, and children and parents will both enjoy their playful stories. Read on for some exciting tips for Meteor Day 2008 from Sylvan Dell Publishing and their online educational tools, “For Creative Minds.”

Five Steps to a Fantastic Meteor Watching Party

1. Plan ahead. You can see meteors any night, but you’ll see most during one of the big yearly meteor showers, such as the Perseids (August) or Leonids (November).

2. Set your alarm. The ideal time to spot meteors is in the very early morning—around 4 a.m. If you have a choice, pick a night close to a new moon or when the moon sets before 4 a.m. That will give you better visibility.

3. Keep it dark. Get away from street and house lights if you can. If you must use a flashlight, cover the light with red cellophane to keep from spoiling your night vision.

4. Pack smart. Bring a blanket, sleeping bag, or folding lawn chair. Dress warmly, even in summer. And don’t forget the hot chocolate.

5. Invite your friends. Telling jokes and singing songs helps to pass the time between meteors. Or, just lie back quietly and listen to the sounds of the night.

Want to learn more about meteors? Go to and click on Pieces of Another World, the children’s book by Mara Rockliff, illustrated by Salima Alikhan. You’ll find links to games, puzzles, information on moon rise/set times and the best nights to see a meteor shower.


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