Visix Delivers Embedded Media Appliance

Atlanta, GA, June 29, 2008 --( Visix, Inc., has announced the release of its first fully-embedded digital signage media appliance. The new media appliance is capable of playing a variety of still, video and audio formats including video overlay from external sources. Additionally, the appliance can support external database sources delivered in RSS and XML formats.

The media appliance is positioned as a cost effective, entry-level digital signage endpoint device with features applicable to the majority of vertical markets served by Visix. The appliance can be delivered at a price nearly 50% less than a full-blown PC media player while still supporting a variety of visual layouts and designs.

The media appliance operates on a Linux kernel, making it less susceptible to disruptions due to updates often found in other operating systems. Content for the appliance is managed through Visix’s AxisTV digital signage software application, using its Professional and Enterprise server platforms. The appliance can be configured to support N-tier scalability built into the Enterprise server application, and can be easily integrated with new or existing channel players supported by AxisTV Professional and Enterprise servers.

“We have been talking for more than a year to IT departments looking for cost effective digital signage endpoints that can be easily managed,” stated Trey Hicks, Vice President of Sales with Visix. “This new embedded media appliance is a solution that is cost effective, scalable and reliable, and can be brought online in a matter of minutes.” furthered Hicks.

The media appliance will be available for sale to the public as of July 1 through direct and reseller channels, as well as the Visix online store.

Visix, Inc. designs, develops and supports a suite of software applications that allow users to create, import and manage their visual communications from anywhere and to deliver those messages to virtually any endpoint.

The company offers digital signage software, room and event scheduling solutions, and applications for targeted messaging to desktops and portable devices. Each of these products works independently or can be integrated into scalable deployments from a single display to large networks. This comprehensive approach to on-time communications – from concept to delivery – provides systems including software, hardware and distribution accessories, as well as multi-tier service and support options to manage and maintain dynamic visual communications.

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Ellyce Kelly