Peace One Earth Pendants and Lapel Pins, Honoring Returning Veterans, Now Available. A Great Way to Support the Troops.

The Peace One Earth pendant and lapel pin are the ideal way to support, honor and give thanks to the heroes who fight for our freedom.

Los Angeles, CA, June 29, 2008 --( The Peace One Earth Pendant and Lapel Pin ( are now available to the public, starting at $49.99. A portion of the proceeds goes to support the non-profit organization Step Up 4 Vets (, whose mission is to partner in the transition of our returning veterans as they readjust, redirect and rebuild their civilian lives.

The striking design of Peace One Earth, with proceeds going to help veterans, is designed by legendary philanthropist Patricia Kennedy, who also founded Step Up 4 Vets. The emblem contains the "Five E's", which represents the essential elements for a peaceful, positive and productive society: Education, Equality, Ecology, Economy and Equity.

Although only available to the public for a short while, already the Peace One Earth Pendants and Lapel Pins have become a very popular fashion statement for those aiming to help Veterans, with many celebrities proudly wearing this important piece of jewelry.

Peace One Earth
Daniel Bernstein