Helping people to help themselves - Pandarama and the Mongol Rally 2006

Two Shropshire adventurers Sam and Roger Greenhalgh are about to drive 8000 miles to Mongolia in an ancient Fiat Panda. Why? To raise funds for Send A Cow and Mercy Corps projects, both of which assist rural communities to develop better sustainable methods of agriculture in Africa and Mongolia. The guys are both web-developers for the National Rural Knowledge Exchange, a multi-university project working with UK rural business. Their idea of a vacation is this fund-raising 3 week adventure.

Newport, Shropshire, United Kingdom, April 18, 2006 --( Have you been wondering how you can do your bit to bring world peace, banish hunger, eradicate oppression, broaden international relations, and reduce the number of old bangers on the road in the UK by at least two? 

Roger and Sam Greenhalgh, a father and son team of web-developers from Shropshire, aim to do just that...

... by entering their ancient Fiat Panda in the 8,000 mile Mongol Rally 2006. 

With help from the guys at AC-Autos in Penley, two clapped-out Fiat Pandas, bought on Ebay for peanuts, are being rebuilt into an incredible off-road car & trailer combination, equipped to cross the Russian steppes, the bed of the Aral Sea, the vast expanse of the Gobi Desert, and the rolling emptiness of western Mongolia.

After a gruelling three week endurance drive from London to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, the vehicle will be auctioned off there for charity, to add to their sponsorship funds.

Says Roger, "this is about helping charities that help rural people to help themselves. I hope we can show a bit of grit and determination on this three-week fund-raising adventure; the people we're doing it for have to show that every day of their lives, just to survive".

The Mongol Rally sets off from London on 22nd July, and this year has a record 200 entries, every one of them an old banger with an engine under 1,000cc.

You'll be able to follow Roger and Sam's progress on the Pandarama website, done with the aid of some simple telecomms, Google maps, and a lot of ingenuity. No surprise there, then.

Roger Greenhalgh
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