Porous Materials, Inc. Announces New CapFlow Machine

New Advanced CapFlow focuses on speed and ease of use, as well as accurate results.

Ithaca, NY, July 02, 2008 --(PR.com)-- The Capillary Flow Porometers determine pore size, pore distribution, and gas permeability by measuring gas flow rates through the dry and wet sample as functions of differential gas pressure. PMI has developed the Advanced Capillary Flow Porometer using the latest patented technology so that the test duration is considerably reduced with hardly any operator intervention. The results are the most accurate and highly repeatable.

The advanced Capillary Flow Porometer has the following unique features:

• Most Advanced Porometer
• Latest Patented Technology
• Fully Automated Operation
o Automated application of uniform pressure on o-rings for perfect seals
o Automated wetting of sample without test interruption & dismantling of the sample chamber
o Automated compression of sample at the desired pressure
• Highly Versatile
o Use of many shapes & sizes of samples
o Cut sample may be used
o Product can slide into the chamber, with no need to cut the sample
• Unique Design
o Turbulent free gas flow
o Minimization of pressure drop in the system
o Very short test duration
o Hardly any operator involvement
o The most accurate & reproducible results

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Porous Materials, Inc.
Albert Teal