In Its First 6 Weeks, Fidelity Independent Adviser’s Dynamic Global ETF Portfolio Service Outperforms the S&P by 10% Net of Fees

Williamstown, MA, July 03, 2008 --( With markets off to a rough start for July, investors are looking for ways to gain an edge. Since inception on May 1, 2008, Fidelity Independent Adviser’s Dynamic Global ETF Portfolio has gained 2.19 percent net of fees. By comparison, the S&P 500 decreased 9.18 percent and the MSCI EAFE fell 7.50 percent.

The Dynamic Global ETF Portfolio Service relies on a quantitative model that selects ETFs with the greatest relative strength from a broad universe of funds, including alternative and non-traditional asset classes like commodities, currencies and foreign real estate.

It is this diversity that has bolstered the portfolio since the launch. In commentary released today, publisher Don Dion notes that the top-performing fund in the portfolio over the past five trading days was CurrencyShares Euro Trust, which increased 1.43 percent.

The service also incorporates Dion’s fundamental analysis, which is provided to subscribers through trading alerts and commentary.

The success of the launch can also be tied to the track record of Fidelity Independent Adviser’s existing ETF products, ETF Report and ETF Momentum Tracker. “It all comes down to returns,” Dion said in an interview Monday, “my portfolio results speak for themselves.”

ETF Momentum Tracker, which debuted in January of 2006, had an annualized return of 26.6 percent in 2007 according to the Hulbert Financial Digest, a publication that tracks the performance of 180 financial newsletters. It was a 2007 top-ten performer according to Peter Brimelow of CBS’s

Don Dion also publishes the ETF Report—a more in-depth monthly newsletter for longer-term investors interested in a fundamental approach to ETFs. The ETF Report tracks more than 260 ETFs and publishes original in-depth research and analysis each month.

In the wake of June’s dismal results, July’s first day of trading continued the downward trend. If history proves to be a worthy judge, it is services like Dion’s that will help investors survive volatile markets.

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